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Weekdays, he throws himself into his high-intensity work.
Weekend days are no different from weekdays any longer since some work needs to be done daily.
On weekdays, kids at the center do everything from quilt making to rug braiding to cooking.
For the best conditions, try timing your excursion for weekdays in the early morning-and after the afternoon traffic.
Reasonably priced two-course business lunches served weekdays.
The company provides service once a day and only on weekdays.
Even though they aren't quite as ordered and accounted for as weekdays, weekends feel boxed up.
Weekends also tend to mean heavier crowds than weekdays.
Also on site are meeting and banquet rooms, a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch on weekdays, a lounge and an outdoor pool.
The restaurant opens for lunch and dinner on the weekdays, and exclusively for dinner on the weekends.
The hotel's amenities include free continental breakfast, and a newspaper on weekdays.
Enjoy relative quiet during the weekdays and a moderate crowd of locals on the weekend.
Alfie's is open daily for dinner and for lunch on weekdays.
Visiting during weekdays may provide adventurers with a solitary experience.
Lunch and dinner are served seven days a week, and there is a lunch buffet offered on the weekdays.
It is always closed on weekends and holidays, and generally closed after mid-afternoon on weekdays.
On weekdays, interior roads are limited to pedestrian use only.
Regional offices will be open weekdays for advance payments during normal business hours.

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Wearing overalls on weekdays, painting somebody else's house to earn money? You're working class. Wearing o... more
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