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What's affecting me, my clients and other small-business owners this week.
The changes announced this week are designed to ease the pressure on struggling graduates.
Depending on how long you want to linger, you can travel it in a fast week or a more relaxing two.
Paintball is fun, except for the painful bruises that remind you of that fun a week after the fact.
They four in one day killed as much fowl as, with a little help beside, served the company almost a week.
And she spent all of her first week of life nodding off under the heat lamp, then being startled back awake.
And of course, there was the drone comb trapping and infernal sugar dusting every week.
In summer, it's no challenge to have a different bean for supper every night of the week.
All the fashion news of the week that's fit to reprint.
Collins, was not available for comment, his spokesman said late last week.
It's been a good week for people who look through microscopes at fossils.
If cut in bud, blooms last for a week in water add to my plant list.
We did a post on how to build a bee box for solitary nesting bees earlier this week.
Add a green salad and you have a simple, special dinner for any night of the week.
Plants need about an inch of water per week through fall.
Lawns demand about an inch of water each week during the growing season.
Bay and rosemary leaves form a wreath that holds its fragrance for more than a week.
It takes an inch of water a week to keep turf green, but if water is tight where you live, cut that amount in half.
Each week there will be new wallpaper images to choose from.
We're celebrating the season's last great tomatoes all week.
Fertilize every other week with fish emulsion, or use a granular organic fertilizer according to instructions.
All eyes are now on pressure tests being conducted on the well, which was capped last week.
There were some big job-cut announcements this week.
Until this week the politicians trying to tackle the credit crunch had done little to restore this essential ingredient.
Hundreds of millions of lottery tickets are sold every week.
Many athletes have been straining through interval sessions once or twice a week along with their regular workout for years.
The bridge was badly damaged after a flood last week.
On my campus we're in the middle of the second full week of the semester.
Some of my friends on other campuses are kicking off their first week.
Negotiators spent several hours this week debating which items to add or subtract, but reached no conclusions.
Finding out how the program works and what might become of it has been a continuing riddle during my week of interviews here.
About the sixth week the two parts of the pancreas meet and fuse and a communication is established between their ducts.
About the end of the fourth week nerve fibers begin to appear in the marginal layer.
Ossification begins in the center of the body, about the seventh week of fetal life, and gradually extends toward the extremities.
Ossification begins in the body about the eighth week of fetal life, and extends toward the extremities.
Our minds are no less inventive, our goods and services no less needed than they were last week or last month or last year.
It is an allusion to an actual occurrence of the previous week.
It wouldn't last a week on the shelf if it went through normal pasteurization.
Researchers question the science behind last week's revelation of arsenic-based life.
The challenges of inventory control as you're living out of a carry-on for a week.
Lisa did not speak to me for the rest of the day, and later in the week she got revenge by flinging peas in my hair and face.
On average, he says, there is one collision-avoidance maneuver per week.
The critics' favorite and the pop princess both have new albums out this week.
And, judging by the number of answers this week, quite a few of you enjoyed this cryptogram.
The game, which comes out next week, playfully steers you toward the gap between the conscious and the subconscious.
Apples take leave of the tree in this week's roundup and it's a sweet world beyond the branch.
She would make a huge batch of it once a week, and it was so good.
What happened this week is that the extension as denied.
After discovering colors in fossil bird feathers, scientists found colors in dinosaurs last week.
The federal agency makes an unprecedented decision in response to last week's federal injunction.
Image stabilization joins a suite of new lenses and cameras announced this week, at both the high and low ends of the price scale.
The new devices reported this week manipulate visible light in the green to ultraviolet range.
The juices change from week to week, depending on what's fresh and available, and they are always truly delicious.
Or it could feed you-and feed you pretty darn well-for an entire week.
Here are some of the words that have worked their way into the conversations this week.

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