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My grandfather's grave turned into the light, and the dew on his weedy little mortality patch was glorious.
He is played by a different actor each time-the first rotund and bumbling, the latest weedy and quiet.
Above the shoulder of a weedy bank the sea glittered.
Meanwhile the economic and political one is weedy and neglected.
It now stands on a lonely corner overlooking weedy lots.
Look for them in weedy bays and coves, or along deep sloping points with shallow water nearby.
Unique ocean specimens, including a weedy sea dragon, are plentiful throughout the aquarium.
Some have even suggested that our weedy jaw muscles made way for our large brains and thus facilitated their evolution.
They had grown weedy beards, their skin glowed yellow from the leached raft dye, and their bodies were patterned with salt sores.
Crackling underfoot, the ground was weedy and cold, not far above freezing.
Bees flew through the weedy yard and past the chain-link fence.
Although seed dormancy is a key characteristic of weedy plants, mechanisms governing seed dormancy are unknown.
Ecosystems may also be as small as a tiny weedy patch in the corner of a parking lot, or a puddle.
Red-coated grains from weedy plants cannot be separated from commercial grains.
There are many white-flowered, umbel-producing plants with pinnately compound leaves, several of which are also weedy exotics.
In spring in shallow waters, the eggs are deposited in weedy bays on submerged vegetation.
As with exotic weedy plants, the best way to protect our natural systems from exotic insects is to prevent introductions.
Tall weedy growth along the power line cut is excellent for butterflies.
By the end of the fifth year, the weedy annuals decrease while the planted species become dominant.
Rabbits are abundant wherever brushy, weedy areas occur and can be hunted with or without dogs.

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