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In that case, my anthropological observations were wedged between call-in queries to my fellow guest, a veterinarian.
It wedged itself so far up in my ear that they couldn't get it.
Yet, they could be in there, wedged deeply between your ears.
Instead, wedged between the interior plaster wall and exterior clapboard is a non-load-bearing wall of bricks.
He wedged his camera through the gap and took the only picture possible.
It comes naturally, even when discussing issues that haven't necessarily been wedged into the polar, partisan dynamic.
Guzman wedged her hand through a crack in the wall, and felt someone take it.
The table was pushed to one side, and chairs were wedged around the couch.
When solving a jigsaw puzzle, the solution can sometimes be stymied by the fact that a wrong piece has been wedged in a key place.
She found the parcel in the car, deliberately wedged in the crack of the seat, and went back to the house to tell him.
The frog, in a baggie of its own, was wedged among them.
Portions of the old road here jut out from cliffs on cantilevered logs wedged into the cracks of rock.
The older homes are made of pale yellow stone, wedged along steep, narrow streets.
During floods, the water forcibly wedged boulders in there, making the way forward exceedingly arduous.
She's here, wedged between two frumpy screenwriters and a director with a shaved head.
Back at the reels, the thin duct occasionally gets wedged between loose turns on the reel, and everything has to be stopped.
It had to have a memory footprint small enough to be wedged into a portable device.
One of those gelatinous cushions between vertebrae has been wedged at one end and squished down to paper thin.
The course sits tightly wedged among modest houses, making full use of all available land.
The failed slab became wedged between the steel beams and hung vertically and did not fall immediately.
Some of the pebbles left by the river can still be seen in the potholes and wedged in crannies in the rock outcrops.
Interior surface of post cap in contact with the bollard shall be coated with epoxy, prior to being wedged in place.
Look for and remove any foreign objects or debris that might have become wedged between the tire treads.

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