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The computer then sits astride the two ends, the triangular wedge formed by the fold keeping the hot base off your legs.
Cut a piece into a rectangle, wedge it into the seam, and then side it along the seam.
Place each wedge of iceberg lettuce on a plate, drizzle with dressing and sprinkle with nuts if using.
In summer you can find sandals with a small or wedge heel.
Libertarians, of course, always worry about the thick end of any wedge.
To clean copper pots and pans, sprinkle salt on a lemon wedge.
The only option is to fly around the edge of the wedge.
Top with cider then squeeze lime wedge over the top and drop the wedge on in.
It's an austere, slim wedge with silvery buttons on top and a handle built into the back to carry it.
Wedge is, understandably, searching for potential solutions wherever he can find them.
Maybe this will be the thin edge of the wedge to mutual understanding and respect, and maybe not.
The wedge is made up of income taxes and the social-security contributions of both firms and workers.
It's narrower than your feet at the bottom of the slot, so you have to climb up higher and wedge yourself in place by friction.
But, others argue that this wedge of the energy consumption pie could be one of the simplest to reduce.
Each wedge goes into a jar filled with red oak sawdust mixed with rye seed or red-oak seed, and the jar is chilled.
The wedge look has been a styling cliche for many years now.
Trade barriers, transport costs and differences in taxes drive a wedge between prices in different countries.
It's time to drive a wedge between the criminal drug dealers and our kids.
Yet thin as it is, this could be the end of a fairly thick wedge.
Starlight or moonlight or firelight or a wedge of kitchen light beneath the bedroom door.
Occasionally, they are not able to wedge it into position.
All the wedge social issues are nothing in comparison.
They may then wedge it into a tree nook to eat later.
Cut the wedge of cheese into four slices of equal size.
Following the municipal boundary exactly would still drive in the economic wedge that the current route does.
All are meant to inch each wheel and wedge toward an apex of delectability.
Slide it between the door and jamb to wedge open an angled bolt.
We hear in detail how he split logs into planks using a system of wood blocks, an axe and an iron wedge.
For dessert, a wedge of apple tart is the best choice.
Wedge your camera against a wall, the roof of a car, or a concrete pillar to stabilize it.
They are also excellent to use in highballs with almost any kind of white spirit and a wedge of color-coordinated citrus fruit.
She quickly steps into the moving wedge of a revolving door.
The selected drug is in a pie-shaped wedge within the drawer.
He installed a dozen wedge-shaped bedrooms inside the cylinder.
When she finally recognized him, she dashed over in her wedge heels and tried to drag him from the stage.
How ironic to now be chuckled at for genteel financial transgressions, when the old flying wedge started it all.
The wedge-tail triggerfish protects itself with two sharp dorsal spines: a large, thick one and a shorter spine behind it.
Acceptable viewing angle wedge for wide audiences is a problem.
Miners wedge diamonds behind sweatbands, tap them into ears, and insert them in other orifices.
The wedge of blue sky suddenly appears, hurtling toward us.
If you have to wedge then that means that this system has failed.
Especially good is a wedge of cabbage, chunks of peeled sweet or white potatoes, and wedges of onion.
They tore forward in a flying wedge, swinging their clubs at people in the way.
Ingrid tries to put a wedge between you and your sister, and you keep falling into her silly trap.
The garage, with its vast and open knife-edged floor plates and soaring wedge-shaped buttresses, has become an instant icon.
Sprinkle with cheese, garnish plate with a lime wedge.
They prescribed a wedge for insertion into a shoe, to even me up.
Attempting to wedge faith into a predictable outcome negates its purpose: as a test for individuals without proof.
Construction workers have cauterized and sealed its gaping, wedge-shaped wound.
They lifted their long necks and tilted their wedge-shaped beaks and began parrying back and forth.
Typically, climbing gear is designed to wedge into cracks and weakness in the rock.
Then, forming a flying wedge, police led a small group of regents to another building.
Efforts to reduce energy use form one kind of wedge.

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