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Example sentences for webbing

The plant's long, strong fibres twist easily into rope, which made it useful for parachute webbing.
Flying frogs stretch the webbing between the toes of their enlarged feet.
It is used as the connective tissue, for many the basic webbing upon which all sentences are formed.
Double layer nylon material construction with heavy duty adjustable webbing.
Pack your equipment and supplies into a backpack, webbing belt or your pockets.
The webbing straps are easily adjustable with soft rounded edges that will not pester pets.
Travel money storage is made to thwart theft, with metal webbing, reinforced seams and sides and chain belt attachments.
The other part is an adjustable webbing loop with a locking hook on the end.
It is fashioned from aluminum, has a padded top and attaches to a nearby trunk with a nylon webbing strap.
He simply cut the straps off an old messenger bag, which were made of already-recycled seatbelt webbing.
Students may wish to access this online webbing tool to track visually the families, branches, and subdivisions.
However, the webbing on their feet retracts to expose individual nails and allow the creatures to run.
Instead of a taut line, it's performed on inch-thick nylon webbing that stretches and bounces.
Our feet and hands still have vestigial webbing appropriate for swimming and digging for clams in muddy waters.
Repair of webbed fingers or toes is surgery to fix webbing of the toes, fingers, or both.
The health care provider cleans your feet, and then injects a small amount of blue dye into the webbing between your toes.
In some tests, the arms and legs of the dummies were secured with tape and nylon webbing.
Birds had followed and made the turret their home, tearing apart webbing to construct their nests.
They wear flea collars around their waists and combat knives in the webbing of their body armor.
As per the manufacturer's instructions, both the safety chain and nylon webbing stabilization strap are required for proper use.
There were about half a dozen trees covered in the webbing.
Webbing means a narrow fabric woven with continuous filling yarns and finished selvages.
Heavy populations form silky webbing on the undersides of the leaves.
The reinforcement retrofit uses an adhesive and nylon webbing to strengthen the attachment point.
Hoop net means a frame, circular or otherwise, supporting a shallow bag of webbing and suspended by a line and bridles.
The student begins the webbing process by identifying the main event of a historical period.
Corrosion resistant fasteners shall be used to fasten the nylon webbing to the inflow dish.

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His awful skin stretched out by some tradesman is like my skin, here between my fingers, a kind of webbing,... more
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