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Example sentences for weaving

Wiens swept an antenna through the forest, weaving it in and out of snarled branches below overcast skies.
The scientists say it's similar to weaving waterproof fabric.
Surely when birds build nests they are weaving stalks in intricate ways that can only be described as intelligent.
Eighty humans spent four years weaving that silk into the cloth.
Web weaving, for example requires genetic mechanisms to create the silk, the relevant organs and the instinct to create the web.
It is skill in weaving sounds, rather than voice production, which determines the quality of the singer.
Orb-weaving spiders generally produce about seven different types of silk, which they use for different purposes.
Humans have been weaving commercial and cultural connections since before the first camel caravan ventured afield.
Two-thirds of the workers in the village are involved in handicrafts, mostly weaving.
Governments started off by weaving social safety nets and ended up by nationalising huge chunks of the economy.
Weaving alliances with local people you cannot fully control may expose you to charges of corruption.
UK was innovative and invented railways as well as spinning and weaving technology.
She takes my hand, weaving her fingers through mine, and leads me to her guest powder room.
He displayed skill at weaving with twine, made amusing faces and drank soda.
It starts with a car roaming down a street and slowly weaving out of control, sideswiping the parked cars in its path.
Hair weaving, hairpieces, or change of hairstyle may disguise the hair loss.
He specializes in weaving a pivotal moment in history around the collision of two strong personalities.
Information on drivers weaving and swerving in traffic.
Perhaps these compounds are part of an ancient defence system that orb-weaving spiders use to secure their homes from intruders.

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