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Example sentences for weathering

Along the river, barge operators are weathering the economic turbulence.
While he was consoling me on my disappointing market debut, he was weathering his own stormy job-search seas.
The corrosive chemistry and dense, moving atmosphere cause significant surface weathering and erosion.
The second is the measurement of the weathering of marble and other gravestones, which requires a micrometer.
The topsoil is relatively thin and was formed by weathering of the underlying bedrock.
Some people may actually prefer sensing immediate pain wholesale by weathering it out in a scaled and proportionate manner.
Weaver has commented that he would not be surprised if similar anatase particles appeared in other clays formed by weathering.
The company hired an outside consultant this year to help it devise a new management plan for weathering the economic crisis.
The building makes use of the weathering cliffs for its superstructure.
Eons of weathering have created a mazelike pattern of badlands that captures the eye.
The whole point of galvanizing is to create a surface that resists corrosion and weathering.
But the finds supplied clues about polar dinosaurs' metabolism and their strategies for weathering the long winters.
What's apparent to my eye is that the rest of the bas relief has rounded edges from years of weathering.
Also, tropical rocks tend to experience deep weathering, rarely poking above the ground as outcrops.
Dispersant works by breaking oil down into tiny droplets, which aids in its degradation and weathering.
One, called chemical weathering, occurs when chemicals such as acid wear away rock.
It's weathering the recession better than people had thought.
Clay minerals, he explains, are crystals formed from the weathering of rocks by water.
All he has shown is at the space-weathering evidence may not be reliable.
Chemical weathering rates of silicate minerals in soils.
Effects of climate on chemical weathering in watersheds.
Weathering steel could not be designed solely on its weathering characteristics.
Weathering is the natural destructive process that causes the physical disintegration and chemical decomposition of rock.
Weathering is the process of decomposing, breaking up, or changing the color of rocks.

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