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Climate change is often blamed for unseasonal or extreme weather conditions.
Orientation could be difficult, owing to the volatile weather conditions.
Weather can't be forecast more than a week or so in advance, but weather averages are good indicators of what to expect any month.
Phytoplankton may be small, but that doesn't mean they can't do big things -- like change the weather to suit their needs.
Both food crises have complex causes, among them bad weather.
As hurricanes approach the shore, satellites and weather radar can help project when and where a storm will hit.
In autumn the weather is generally sunny, with less frequent rainfall.
We aren't even sure about the weather next week and now we're smart enough alter natural processes on a planetary scale.
Apparently humans aren't the only primates that plan outdoor events based on weather.
Threatening green skies during a thunderstorm also proved entirely independent of the type of severe weather that came with it.
When it comes to predicting the weather, no two experts agree.
The early signs of the relationship between climate change and weather are already being seen.
But, as this video shows, the insect's survival is under threat from changing weather and deforestation.
The surprising weakness was caused in part by unusually cold weather but it is not fully explained by it.
But radar can be blinded by bad weather, and not all volcanoes are within range of suitable equipment.
Today the frontiers of finance involve anything from weather to mortality risk, from emissions to catastrophe insurance.
Farmers are registered at their nearest weather station, which transmits data over the mobile network.
The lighter bits of the dispersed oil may be eaten by bacteria, or will rise to the sea surface, to weather or evaporate.
But it too can impose a distinctive pattern of weather worldwide.
Natural disasters disrupt production, much as less destructive episodes of bad weather do.
It was equipped with digital systems that unerringly corrected for pilot error as well as any buffeting caused by bad weather.
But getting relief to remote parts of the country, in awful weather, is not easy.
Yet there is little regional co-operation-even on weather forecasting, let alone on serious flood and drought prevention.
Initial reports suggest that stormy weather may have contributed to the accident.
Students explore the difference between weather and climate.
Everyone talks about the weather, but gray-cheeked mangabey monkeys actually do something about it, according to new research.
Three days and counting until the live event and weather is one of producers' top concerns.
Keep critical weather information at your fingertips.
Global climate change is creating extreme and unpredictable weather around the world.
Scientists have long suspected that the world's dams can create their own weather, often bringing more rain.
Review with students the difference between weather and climate.
Climate is the long-term pattern of weather in a particular area.
We check with our regional campus directors to see if the weather is influencing their areas, too.
Easily, though this time of year the weather can make it less than fun.
Many of our parents have moved south for warmer weather.
Hallmarks of an ideal position have little to do with weather, lifestyle, or socio-political milieu.
The weather was rainy, so she invited me to move the party to her restaurant, which is closed on weekends.
The good news is that the weather has been improving, including some wonderful, cheer-inducing sunshine.
Taxis are good when the weather is bad or you have a heavy bag, and someone else is paying.
It was on the market, yes, but weather-blackened shingles made it seem as if it would be dark inside.
After a helmet, a cyclist's best friend is a weather-ready bag.
When fools have nothing to talk about they talk about the weather.
In warm weather a truck in the street, a convenient out-house, or a dug-out in a hay-barge at the wharf make good bunks.
Even in our modern age, humans are incredibly vulnerable to changes in weather and climate.
Same dull weather day in, day out, till you went mad.
White wines tend to be more popular in hot weather, since they're served chilled.
In wintry weather, you can count on weekends dedicated to quilting, dancing or dinner theater.
Severe weather, chemicals and bacteria were all ruled out as causes for the deaths.
No matter what weather systems are doing, the air's pressure decreases with height.
They both reflect weather patterns and play a role in what the weather does.
The links at the bottom of this page are also to information on weather averages.
The week's best weather photos from around the world.
Answers to frequently asked questions about weather phenomena.
They may be beginning to bolt with the variable weather we've been having.
So those tasty leaves aren't around long, especially in warm weather.
Bougainvillea should be checked periodically during warm weather for signs of a looper infestation.
But if it's not planted or stabilized properly, it can present a hazard in wet weather.
Plenty of palms grow where weather is consistently warm, but it's harder to find options for cold climates.
Toasty summer weather nurtures superbly soft cabernets and merlots.
Unlike wood, stone is weather-resistant and requires little or no maintenance.
The weather is likely to be a little cooler and wetter than it is in summer.
Here he tells us why these flowers make such welcome additions to cold-weather gardens.
Wherever you live, here's what you can do to help your plants make it through the cold, dry weather.
Depending on where you live, the weather this month can be hot and sunny or cool and foggy.
We always complained: the soup was too salty, peas were served too often, the weather forecaster was obviously lying.
There had been no time to have it cut, and now the weather was warm.
Lately, though, there's been a change in the weather.
Gather with neighbors at intersection, stand in middle of road discussing weather.
Time to break out of one's dream shell, and here's weather.
The band members were fighting the crowd, the weather, even their clothes.
The weather becomes worse, and one day the sea is unusually rough.
The vast energies released by moister air and warmer oceans are driving weather to extremes.
Usually boarders waited to move in until the weather got warm since there was no heat.
After a year, he had understood the inflections of the weather.
In clement weather, the hole is left open for ventilation and a view.
No artist should be asked to weather such unmitigated awe.
They were rather, in a lovely and surprising way, emotional weather reports.
Friend, you know who you are: a weather geek, and darn proud of it.
Weather and climate do play a role, but not necessarily what you'd think.
Tornadoes have been both the deadliest and costliest weather event this year.
But there usually are reasons that people aren't there: no potable water, inclement weather, lack of a harbor for boats to dock.
But others often find themselves at the mercy of the weather and of a volatile free market.
The presentation will focus on the connections between extreme weather events and how weather patterns are changing.
Faced with uncertainty, whether it be a spell of dry weather or the trauma of being left out on the kitchen counter, they panic.
Extreme weather events have helped diminish many sporting events.
The insurance industry's weather simulator is more awesome than your weather simulator.
Climate experts have long warned that global warming could bring an increase in extreme weather, such as hurricanes and drought.
Sure enough, many of the cells throttled back right on the hour in anticipation of another bout of cold weather.
Imagine for a moment a weather service that uses lots of lookouts, each of whom takes one measurement.
Fleets of robotic aircraft could improve weather forecasts.
The systems are also kept as part of on-site weather stations used for longer-term wind forecasting.
What's more, factory fabrication allows for better quality control and frees a project from the whims of the weather.
On sunny days, the salt melted and absorbed heat, cooling the air in hot weather.
The extreme weather took its toll on the expedition's heavily used equipment, and things frequently broke down.
The human mind remains extraordinarily difficult to understand, but so is the weather.
She was warm in every wind and weather, but he was always cold.
At first they used magic mainly to affect the weather or to afflict local people who had annoyed them.
Her camera goes down one weather-exposed corridor after another.
Even the closest of marriages might no longer weather well once the prouder partner discovers that the weaker knows he is a phony.
Bad weather brings the relief of dry clothes, and of finding himself alive.
Online resource for learning about the hows and why of weather.
It wasn't tested, so you couldn't know if it would resist weather or water.
His films never create a mood, an internal weather, an aftertaste.
Another thing to take into consideration, though, is the weather.
Then there was the weather-either drenching wet or burning cold.
No amount of bad weather could diminish my initial excitement over that wonderful house.
He's also almost invincible, and has the power to harness the weather to use at his command.
The weather was temperate and the sides of the tent flapped lightly.
There were two with strikingly similar features: both adults, both weather-beaten, both golden.
It begins with a few dry weeks strung end to end, cloudless skies and hot weather.
Already battered by unemployment, the city struggles to weather the housing crisis.

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