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The fisher is a furry, brown, bushy-tailed member of the weasel family.
Providers are then left to weasel the money away from the third party who has no interest in the outcome of the service provided.
The weasel population also increased, following the growth of the chipmunk population.
Found a good video that shows how deniers weasel out of getting caught by the facts.
Then explain without weasel words how anything you wrote about is evidence of that failure.
If you can't then that should let any audience know that you have the integrity of a psychopathic weasel.
Another weasel word when you can't win any other way.
First, there's the use of corporate weasel words in the original statement.
The short-tailed weasel, active day or night, may be fairly common at times but is seldom seen.
These huge members of the weasel family swim by propelling themselves with their powerful tails and flexing their long bodies.
River otters, members of the weasel family, hunt at night and feed on whatever might be available.
Wolverines are the largest land-dwelling members of the weasel family.
It is, in some ways, as vivid a demonstration as there is of shirking responsibility and fault-of being a weasel.
He was a flat-out, knee-crawling thug with the morals of a weasel on speed.
Bold as a weasel, she turns in the dark and fixes me with her proud, gleaming stare.
Change should not provide an opportunity for employers and governments to weasel their way out of those commitments.
Pine martens, a member of the weasel family live in the forests where they chase red squirrels, another native animal species.
Poorly presented show full of weasel words and inaccurate representation.
The weasel politicians will do anything to get additional money in government coffers except raise taxes.
If you're playing straight with them and not trying to weasel out entirely, they'll accommodate you.
The weasel is a close relative of the mink but is smaller and lives entirely on land.
Fisher, a tree dwelling weasel larger than the ground living weasel species, is about the size of a red fox.

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