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Example sentences for weary

People are now weary of online only games coming out buggy and virtually unplayable.
The resulting book is likely to weary anybody but serious history buffs.
Age shall not weary them.
This lifted our spirits and soothed our weary limbs.
Help is on the line for war-weary families.
Masseurs offered rubdowns to the weary.
My father watched them recede with a weary shake of his head.
Almost an hour later we get there, weary but exhilarated.
The question is whether readers are weary of this genre.
Heat weary, we long for fall.
He's actually got a chance to ignite the discouraged and weary base by doing the thing he said he would.
You, obsessed computer programmer or weary web-worker.
They can smile and laughed while chatting, but my camera showed how weary and difficult their life.
In the evening when she had worked till she was weary she had no bed to go to, but had to sleep by the fireside in the ashes.
For instance, the stores typically feature seating for weary shoppers.
Later, he was so weary with the project that he took another six-month break.
His tone is low to the ground and world-weary, yet laconic.
But he delivered it in a ragged, world-weary voice, in a larger context of angry lust and self-loathing.
It also includes a weary obscenity every line or two.
Workers weary of crammed public transport or pedaling long distances to jobs are upgrading to battery-powered bikes and scooters.
Tax-weary investors should look at municipal bond funds.
Their legs are going to get weary because that's how you get good.
Italians of all ages feel a weary fatalism after a decade of almost no economic growth.
He may have to draw on it when he has to sell a fresh round of austerity measures to a weary public.
Residents, or their weary employees, set their alarm clocks to turn on the tap before the flow dribbles away to nothing.
Salmon has become so plentiful that people weary of its delicate taste.
She is discouraged and eventually gets weary of fighting for what she believes in.
She had tramped the streets for weeks on her weary errand, and the only living wages that were offered her were the wages of sin.
They are not happy unless they mark by some definite performance each step in the weary path of self-improvement.
Farm horses jogged away along lonely country roads pulling their portion of weary people.

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Let your foot be seldom in your neighbor s house, otherwise the neighbor will become weary of you and hate ... more
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