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Example sentences for wean

The car companies have said that they want to wean buyers from rebates, which add enormously to their marketing costs.
But colleges may find it difficult to wean themselves off coal.
Several drugs help to wean cocaine addicts from their physical dependency, but the compounds are limited in effectiveness.
Advocates say plug-in hybrids are the best chance to address global warming and wean the nation from oil.
Every so often some administration wonders how to wean itself off.
She attempted to wean herself off both drugs but inexorably lost ground.
And so our own military is working as quickly as possible to wean itself off petroleum through energy efficiency and biofuels.
And yet the transportation industry can't imagine a business model that would attempt to wean people from their beloved cars.
All three have been trying to wean themselves off lending.
We wean all ours onto raw meaty bones and blended veg as soon as they're old enough.
The idea is that people will be able to wean themselves from nicotine while continuing to smoke.
And it has tried to wean music fans off free sites by backing fee-paying operations.
None of this helped wean him from the computer, however.
But first of all they must successfully complete an unusual scheme to wean them off drugs.
Emerging markets that need to wean themselves off cross-border capital will grow more slowly than their potential.
Wean society off the handouts, benefits, and public sector bloat.
But if the country is to wean itself off food aid, its people must get better at producing things other than food.
He was an early supporter of methadone-maintenance programs to wean drug users from addiction.
At best society should wean itself off this resource and use better energy systems.
The focus of their outrage was methadone, a drug prescribed by doctors around the world to wean addicts from heroin.
But there is clearly also a need for the medical profession to wean itself from industry money almost entirely.
But figuring out how to wean the world off the flush handle took center stage.
The best way to wean people off illegal but free downloading is to supply them with legal music that appears to be free.
Now that they have got a taste for it again, it is going to take years to wean politicians off high deficits.
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