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Up near the door are the rich families, wealthy enough to afford state-of-the-art padded armor and expandable batons.
Wait until people figure out how the ultra wealthy have been using the low stock prices to pump money out of the economy.
One is that rich economies seem to provide disproportionate and growing returns to the already wealthy.
He found that when you compare rich countries to poor countries, the people in the wealthy nations were more satisfied.
He was fabulously wealthy, but he would pretend to be broke, and often tried to borrow cigarettes and money from people.
Most priests were employees of wealthy farmers, who were interested in writing both for practical purposes and for entertainment.
Its builders were wealthy colonists who wanted the house to reflect their status.
Wealthy factory owners and merchants built grand mansions and helped fund even grander churches.
After all, it would be unfair to permit wealthy students to use them if less privileged students can't afford them.
In societies that practiced ceremonial mummification, typically only the powerful and wealthy citizens were mummified.
Today, hand-carved horses are largely for the wealthy.
Colleges have long courted wealthy financiers as board members, for good reason.
It is indisputable that wealthy people have a different material standard of living than the less wealthy.
It's also an eternal testament to the artistic and scientific accomplishments of a wealthy empire.
Early laws fixed the price that tavern-keepers could charge for a drink, so they couldn't cater to wealthy patrons.
The first of them will be delivered to some extremely wealthy customers later this year.
Wealthy industries and wealthy individuals have incentives that are parallel.
Grandma is independently wealthy and she won't hold her tongue.
For the wealthy clients who could afford their work, they were a godsend.
One does not become wealthy by consuming more than one earns.
It seems obvious that only wealthy people will be able to afford a car only for short trips.
Art museums around the world have showcased significant cars owned by wealthy individuals.
Wealthy stonemasons became elitists and started price-fixing in secret and the rest is history.
The labor-intensive undertaking made ice a luxury item that only the wealthy could afford.
The president promised to give the land to the landless, but instead gave much of it to his wealthy cronies.
The wealthy vacationers soon built manors and gardens on a grand scale.
Its finance industry has cornered the regional market in private banking for the wealthy.
It is my opinion that wealthy societies create situations where necessitate excess.
Musk is one of a growing number of wealthy entrepreneurs reaching for the final frontier.
He has to come out in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy.
But it's basically a collection of three temples and a running track, with one inn reserved for the wealthy.
In wealthy parts of the world, people turn on a faucet and out pours abundant, clean water.
Especially millions if not billions of dollars from wealthy pockets.
Whereas they think about catching up on other competing wealthy people.
Wealthy punters can place big bets on events involving ill-paid sportsmen in faraway places.
The first research into this technique was done years ago--funded by the family of a wealthy vegetative casino owner.
Inherited wealth and domination of the super wealthy is not inevitable.
As the stock market surged last year, so did the charitable giving of the super wealthy.
It is not affordable to anyone that isn't either independently wealthy, or as a six figure plus job.
One does wonder, though, how long free rides for wealthy kids could survive serious scrutiny against competing social needs.
Most of the remaining tax cut provisions will still benefit wealthy families.
What it basically means is that a writer no longer needs a wealthy proprietor to get his message across to readers.
Voting with their feet, the dispossessed are already migrating by the millions toward the planet's wealthy regions.
The solution may lie in making the developing world wealthy.
The third reason is that geoengineering is cheap, so cheap that a wealthy individual could do it.
As rational actors the wealthy and the poor may need radically different services from their religion of choice.
Right now wealthy people can put that on their homes.
He never cares to unpack the morals of the drug trade-what he revels in is the security and relief of being fabulously wealthy.
Wealthy poets hired actors to deliver their lines and professional applauders to erupt into praise at key moments.
His reasons for return were not entirely unclear, although he was surely wealthy from working in the hotel business there.
Rather it's the gulf between wealthy countries and poor countries.
They will only endure so long as public servants value public goods and wealthy citizens pay taxes.
Couple who scrapped to create insurance business say wealthy are taxed enough.

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