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In different cultures wealth can be defined by things other than money.
Clean air is not a problem because as nations grow in wealth they spend money on cleaner air.
The extreme imbalance of wealth and resources in the world.
Yet, because the railways offered-and sometimes delivered-the prospect of enormous wealth, the money kept flowing.
Take wealth, for instance, and all the delightful things that money can buy.
It was because of the peculiarly contradictory way in which the capitalist system generated its fabulous wealth.
The coalition government is in a muddle about taxing wealth.
The origins of wealth are as many and varied as the world's cultures.
These patricians don't need gaudy symbols to advertise their wealth.
Thanks to its indoor-outdoor connection and wealth of amenities, the courtyard has become a much-used addition to the home.
People project their values onto him, and he skates away from the responsibilities that come with great wealth and power.
Small businesses can be created when the founding individuals have their own wealth.
And any good student of human behaviour can tell you that wealth will seek to protect wealth, and will often succeed.
Manufacturing and technology generate wealth only when they make matter and information serve human desire.
Philosophizing takes one only so far in understanding the effects of wealth on individuals.
University site offers a wealth of background information on volcanoes around the world.
But even without such impressive displays, the sun provides a wealth of energy to our planet.
Oh what amazing wealth of knowledge has been lost for all time.
That's because a fully functioning ecology is tantamount to tangible wealth.
People have their fingers, through their smartphones and computers and whatnot, on a huge wealth of information.
Offers two ways of visualizing a wealth of information.
We use energy in creating our wealth through the work of our hands.
For archaeologists and other scientists, mummies are a wealth of information.
It's not that she has a hunger for excitement or fantasies of extreme wealth.
Now, the region's remarkable wealth of bird life is becoming part of the picture.
The wealth that poured in led to a population spike and the small town's rapid growth.
In business, as in life, being born to rich parents is one way to ensure future wealth.
The distribution of wealth is the basis of personal wealth.
The days of homemade candied apples may be gone, but these days kids can rot their teeth with a wealth of weirdo treats.
The world of excessive wealth and power clamors, and it alienates us.
At no time in our history has more wealth been more evenly distributed as it is today.
Transport ministries in countries throughout the world have a wealth of maps and collect data on highway volume.
Photographs are set in time, and yet over time they accrue a wealth of additional resonance.
In the glory days of the dot-com start-up, even a student job can sometimes bring sudden wealth.
If the sharing of wealth is similar to today's patterns, the world will probably crash.
We might say about all three they have the attribute of value or wealth.
Its morale becomes low, its wealth and legacy are quickly squandered and its fail is inevitable.
There are two main reasons why the new rich are likely to keep more of their wealth onshore than their predecessors.
No species comes close to the wealth of culture that humans boast.
If you measure inequality of wealth rather than income, the global pecking order changes.
Wealth may not be the only thing people spread when they fork over funds.
What that means is if your population is growing at rate n, then walking speeds and wealth will grow faster by n-squared.
It's one of the densest concentrations of wealth in the world.
Those researchers have unearthed a wealth of new findings.
These are some of the unique memories of my hometown and the truth that there are many advantages to wealth.
The information revolution has changed people's perception of wealth.
We understand that marine ecosystems are essential for human survival, wealth and well-being.
KO studies are useful and can provide a wealth of information.
Animal droppings yield a wealth of natural information.
The major hook for the new app is a wealth of computer-animated dinosaurs.
Over the ages, diamonds acquired a mystique as symbols of wealth and power.
Simply putting it in writing would not have guaranteed them wealth, prosperity, or an accepted place in society.
Along with his new fame came wealth, but not serenity.
The house was so large that it evidently belonged to someone with wealth and power.
Rising prices for rhino horn, and the prospect of instant wealth, had apparently shattered a lifetime of ethical constraints.
The speed and convenience of these devices, combined with the staggering wealth of online content, makes them deeply seductive.
The boomers, however, did not grow into fantastic wealth.
We spend vastly more than any other country on health care, and increasingly our health is our wealth.
In my field, structural biology, there seemed a wealth of opportunities for research.
The index is a combination of three sub-indices covering wealth, health and education.
More and more citizens of the world's last big communist country are coming out of the closet and declaring their wealth.
The two authors have borrowed a name for this invisible wealth: dark matter.
The more to feel, by such record, how that my wealth doth bate.
Their wealth and prosperity, as compared with conditions in the home country, made a deep impression upon him.
There are entrepreneurs with faith in themselves and faith in an idea who create new jobs, new wealth and opportunity.
In a land of great wealth, families must not live in hopeless poverty.
Whence all this mighty cost and blaze of wealth could spring.
The patricians and the more influential among the plebeians secured the major share of that wealth.
These laws not offended, it is wisdom, that thou look to thine own wealth.
My family did not have wealth in the traditional sense, but they were blessed with the kind of wealth that really counts.
Along with great wealth, for a few, it stimulated political vice and the noxious excretions.
The supply chain of cocaine stretches around our world, bringing vast wealth to a few and misery to millions.
Increased wealth will only slightly increase happiness, he postulated.
If the wealth is shared, population trends will accelerate and the world will probably crash.
The provider of wealth or the loser is therefore the provider of energy.
Many people serve these by making themselves seem more important and more deserving of public wealth.
But this inequality aversion option declines the social wealth.
The political right-wing hes greatly endangered this country while pursuing extreme wealth and power.
She believes that all with any wealth should be giving it to those who do not have as much.
If it were informational it would contain some information about the wealth of benefits brought by oil and other fossil fuels.
But when those at the bottom don't understand the unequal distribution of wealth, they get furious.
It's differences that draw out the voltage of wealth.
Not if society and colleges keep failing to distinguish between wealth and merit.
They did some crazy things with that wealth as the whole region got whipped into a frenzy.
At the same time, some policies have probably contributed to this inequality of wealth.
Heavy debt and large losses of wealth have forced spending onto a lower path.
Now add an enormous amount of military and economic power and wealth onto that existing tendency, and you have a real problem.
But wealth will be concentrated on less and less people.
Any comparisons about average cost are hugely dependent upon ridership, which depends hugely on population densities and wealth.
He plays his flute and hands over his wealth to her.
Annual rainfall is not always a measure of water wealth.
Even if dowries did represent wealth, he argued, wealth did not determine social position.
The financiers of public school reform described here live in a world of spectacular wealth.
He says he's a capitalist, but he'll spread your wealth.
The resulting growth in paper wealth triggered a consumption boom.
The things they need to do to repay it would cause all the wealth production in the country to flee.
The decadal survey committee reviewed a wealth of scientifically compelling medium size projects.
Finally, marrying cousins minimizes the need to break up family wealth from one generation to the next.
The billionaire's wealth and influence have weathered numerous reversals of fortunes.
And their wealth isn't what sets them apart or creates so much animosity toward them.
We have a wealth of data concerning, for example, androgenic anabolic steroids.
Rich economies get to feel good about sharing their wealth with the less fortunate.
Third, interest rates are a key determinant of land values, the base of wealth in agriculture.
If somebody lacks wealth, it's because there isn't enough to go around.
That's a wealth of information you can't get in a brochure.

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