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Simply put, many small towns are mere years away from extinction, while others limp along in a weakened and disabled state.
Perhaps the emotional component of the memory was weakened, but the memory still existed.
They were weakened by hunger, crippled by festering sores, incapacitated by malaria and dysentery.
He was apparently claimed by dilated cardiomyopathy, a weakened, enlarged heart.
On one occasion, however, her defense of that integrity weakened.
The oldest brick buildings-the campus's core, its signature architecture-had cracked and weakened.
Their stamina and senses may have weakened, but experience hasn't smoothed the edges off their characters.
Her heart had been weakened by an undiagnosed inflammation.
But he would be greatly weakened, with dire consequences for his ability to meet many other urgent challenges.
The credibility of any list is naturally weakened by the presence of an alternative list right next to it.
Residual infection must have weakened the suture line.
At one time in his life he had been threatened with paralysis and his left side remained somewhat weakened.
Moreover, the continual heavy rains made the travelling difficult and laborious for them, and they weakened.
During the following century, the strengthening of the gentry and internal disorders weakened the nation.
But all he had suffered had so weakened him that he could scarcely move.
Inculcate thus pleasantly right standards of drama, and the lure of vaudeville and picture show is weakened.
Infected fish are physically stunted, and their muscles are so weakened that they have trouble swimming or even pumping blood.
The consumer's position is weakened because he or she cannot shop efficiently.
The greenhouse effect weakened, the world cooled, and ice spread over the oceans from the poles.
However, enzymes that break down a corn's structural elements could also result in weakened stalks.
As people age, their weakened immune systems can't always generate enough immune cells and antibodies to protect them.
The radiation is then reemitted, although it's slightly weakened due to resistance in the particles.
As the vicious cycle gets reinforced, the fundamental solution gets weakened.
The hurricane had weakened considerably from its top intensity earlier this week.
Where the water emerges, the cliff wall is weakened and eventually collapses.
The tongue is already weakened by growing rifts on both sides of its midsection.
Roads may have weakened and could collapse under the weight of a car.
Synapses are strengthened or weakened or formed anew.
Arthritis and damaged nerves in her spine weakened her hind legs and brought her pain.
At the same time the population has been isolated and, as a result, weakened by inbreeding.
The heat weakened the trees, making them susceptible to bark beetle invasions, he explained.
He curses more, and his sense of smell and touch have weakened.
Such claims have been long missing in the precincts of the left, and the left has been weakened by their absence.
In the context of the weakened family's effect upon the poor, it might also invite social disintegration.
Fine, they've considerably weakened sovereign veto power.
But a weakened center could mean all sorts of problems, she said, even if the country were officially whole.
The rough usage to which he was subjected was a great strain upon his feeble frame, weakened by age.
He might have done better, of course, to blame the steroids that weakened his bones.
He is substantially weakened, and is unable to govern effectively.
The questioning was incomplete, full of opportunities never pursued, and further weakened by an incompetent interpreter.
Modern medicine, meanwhile, means the hulk's weakened immune system is less likely to expose him to lethal infection.
At the same time, the federal bench is being weakened by both stagnant salaries and frozen politics.
The currency has weakened a little over the past three months.
The rebels will be weakened still more if such internal dissension spreads.
Demand for base metals has weakened with the world economic slowdown.
The new tax has not weakened the province's economy, which has been boosted by high world prices for its commodity exports.
If inflationary expectations are falling, the link between tumbling currencies and rising bond yields may be weakened.
As overcrowding has increased, the state's control of the jails has weakened.
Yet the underlying economy has also weakened, especially in the housing market.
Large swathes of national production would come to a standstill and exports would be emphatically weakened.
The tax system is set to become more burdensome as the government strives to consolidate weakened public finances.
But in its responses to drug-trafficking and organised crime that ideal has been severely weakened.
But the prime minister has also been gravely weakened.
As a family business, the empire is unusually prone to succession problems, and could be fatally weakened by them.
Yet the dispensation that has guided the kingdom for the past five decades has weakened.
Pro-democracy campaigners, though weakened, are planning new protests.
Publishing was not his forte, and this weakened his position.
It is often not even apparent until the weakened bat comes out of its lair from hibernation now too weak to survive.
After a bout of the flu, lingering germs can wreak havoc on the weakened immune system.
Possibly, breeding itself has weakened wheat by reducing the gene pool.
Ongoing aftershocks for days will continue to pose a risk to those remaining in weakened structures and others attempting rescue.
Scientists think weakened immunity in the aftermath of cancer surgery might promote recurrence later.
It was the fire weakened steel girders that brought the towers down.
Once the clout of an advocate is weakened, the stage is set for dismissal of the proponent's position.
Night is a time when human beings' main survival sense-vision-is weakened or nullified.
They help you through the fear and use techniques that interfere with the reconsolidation of the memory so that it is weakened.
Afterward, a group of participants were asked to recall one of the images and then exposed to a weakened version of a smell.
My ears catch less and less of conversations, and my eyes have weakened, though they are still insatiable.
The enemy is to be fought-and therefore, where possible, weakened.
If this has in the past been a strong stimulus, it can probably be weakened by increasing local agricultural production.
The polio vaccine contains living but weakened viruses.
Those who survive the disease often spend weeks on respirators and remain weakened for months, until new nerve endings can grow.
Significantly, they will also prey on fawns and adult deer weakened by disease and malnutrition, which is useful.
Birds weakened by their long flights could crash into the towers.
The process begins when a weakened sac bursts, spilling feces into the abdominal cavity.
Surgeons can mend the weakened aorta by clamping it, cutting out the ballooned section, and replacing it with a synthetic vessel.
Press did find a slight benefit to profiling in a weakened form.
By the time the droughts kicked in, the city was already weakened by social, economic and political strife.
Sediment cores suggest that the conveyor belt was weakened during the last ice age but never turned off entirely.
Vomiting in that weakened state had produced lesions in the stomach wall.
Infection occurs when the nervous system is weakened to some degree.
It is taken orally and is a live, but weakened, vaccine.
Those are real, all right, and they need to be belittled and weakened.
But then again, that would have weakened his argument.
Weakened blood vessels can increase the risk of heart disease or stroke.
Thus, even though interest rates were low, the economy weakened.
The protesters gained power but then splintered, fought one another and weakened themselves.
All the drinks weakened or permanently destroyed the enamel.
Individuals with weakened immune systems, however, are at higher risk of active disease.
Live, attenuated nasal spray flu vaccine is made from weakened virus and does not cause influenza.

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