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The shape of the magnet created a weak magnetic field surrounded by a strong magnetic field to confine the plasma.
These many weak interactions add up to strong adhesion over the area of the foot.
As precommitment devices go, however, the debt limit is both too weak and too strong.
For history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Administrators who feel threatened by “strong” underlings hire weak persons to work beneath them.
Organizers also wanted to reduce the breadth of the games, with many events currently having small fields and weak competition.
But the concessions of the weak are the concessions of fear.
Measles are only dangerous to people with weak immune systems.
At that moment, I felt that my spirit and my soul had returned to my weak body.
Copies and scans are fast, but quality is weak.
Public safety is not served by weak studies.
The afternoon light is slanted and weak, filtered through low clouds.
No weak-kneed stagger as she tried to make it to an empty chair.
The shafts leading to the chamber had been dug not through a layer of solid bedrock but through weak, brittle clay.
She felt strange--weak and tender--and her eyes and mouth felt irritated.
Her health seemed stable, although she usually felt tired and was unable to exercise because her muscles felt weak.
When an aneurysm gets too big or too weak, it bursts.
Its gravity is far too weak to overcome the structural integrity of the crystals in the rock itself.
It's not clear what this means, although there is some evidence this cycle may be weak.
The medical inferences one makes are generally weak to non-existent in effect and relevance.
There was a combination of a few hits of powerful selection, and more numerous bouts of weak selection.
The monitor shows a steady, weak signal revealing that few of the cesium atoms remain excited.
These materials could thus dramatically change the view that optical interactions are too weak to use for signal processing.
Normally, gravity is too weak to support this process.
The band hides a ring of six electrodes that pick up the weak electrical signals produced by active muscle tissue.
Where they're weak, however, is with energy storage.
One possible explanation may involve a tumor's weak vascular system.
Holograms have advantages that make up for their relatively weak concentration power.
If the signal was too weak to charge the capacitor, it would probably also be too weak to make a call.
Developing the airborne system has been a challenge, for one thing, because naturally occurring electrical currents are weak.
Overcoming a cloud's high walls is difficult, hacking a weak, personal computer to become an insider is far easier.
The technology should be aimed at rural areas where service is weak.
There are a host of reasons for what is the perceived weak finance market for clean energy.
If the light stays in the ring for too long, it will be too weak to use.
Not only is this evidence humdrum at best, it is weak as stated.
Gold is still regarded as a hedge against a weak dollar and also against inflation.
His view was clear: only the weak-willed and pantywaist could not sell in a difficult market.
He had a gaudy tattoo of an eagle on his right arm, bad posture, and a weak handshake.
Both of them were so weak that they could barely lift their hands.
The economic recovery has been too weak to generate enough new jobs.
In a depression, investment is low because the prospects for profit are weak and uncertain.
Physically small and weak, economically dependent upon others, they cannot control their environment.
Our dollar is weak, our deficit frightening, our trade balance alarming.
Opposition political parties are weak and compromised by collaboration with the military.
All three were byproducts of a weak democracy with few checks and balances.
They were responsible for examining each box of chicks as it was brought in, and culling the small and weak.
Eventually they'd stumbled into a taxi together, weak with laughter, their arms around each other.
The weak prisoner, in the famous words of one survivor, quickly falls into a vicious circle.
Fragmented regulation and supervision, if present at all, have been weak.
Either the science behind them is weak, nutritionists warn, or their steep price tag is simply not worth what you get in return.
After all, it's the number hat defines our weak economy.
In a traditionally weak month at the box office, here are six ways for studios to find success.
While some unions have made concessions in wages because of the weak economy, others have not.
Commercial mortgage-backed securities continue to deteriorate, as some businesses struggle with weak consumer demand.
On the other hand, robots themselves could be the weak link.
Even allowing for that, it was weak both politically and substantively.
So in this case, there are some factors that could push long interest rates higher, even if the recovery remains weak.
Cook was in an unusually weak position to escape, or be protected from, the satisfaction of this demand.
Responsibility without conviction is weak, but it is sane.
There is a puppet legislature, a weak judiciary, and a neutered press.
My father can give me nothing-he's weak and has lost his connections.
Given the weak job market, it makes sense that the attacks have focussed on layoffs.
Discipline was weak, gang ties intensified, and in five years a student body of eleven hundred shrank by nearly half.
Plus, his hands looked too weak to pull back the slide.
They were tiny and weak, barely able to perform the work necessary for the little colony to survive.
At the end of the demonstration, the batteries were still weak, but had begun to recharge.
In part, this is a simple function of the weak economy.

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