wavering in a sentence

Example sentences for wavering

With the end of the trip nearing, his attention for the first time was wavering.
My hopes for this being a less traumatic experience were wavering.
He would have decided, by then, about what to do and there would be no wavering on his final decision.
He stood before us, wavering between confusing possibilities.
He signs each painting with his left hand, in laborious and somewhat wavering capital letters.
The recurrence of his wavering inclination disturbed his repose, clouded his fond anticipations.
And they, each of them hoping to accomplish his marriage, obeyed him without wavering.
Pitch problems and a wavering, breathy singing style made her performances something of a rollercoaster.
His signature, weaker and more wavering as he signed successive statements, suggests this was the case.
For those wavering between these two worlds, however, there are real dilemmas to resolve.
The government now has its own sources of revenue and patronage to buy off wavering factions.
It could also give wavering independent voters pause.
The thin, wavering sound of the call to prayer lifted from the village below.
Nearly seven days after the quake, wavering cries were heard on what had been the fifth floor.
The weather varies drastically in the city, wavering between a temperate and subtropical climate.
If you were wavering on whether or not to pick him up, this should be the convincing you need to do so.
Wavering gray-green lattices as the wind moves through the tall willows.
He compensated for the instrument's flaws with an operatic vibrato, or wavering tone which became his specialty.
They would diminish the prestige of our commanders, not only with enemies but with wavering neutrals.

Famous quotes containing the word wavering

I have been wavering in my mind whether I should ever again touch this journal, unless it were to commit it... more
It is when we try to grapple with another man's intimate need that we perceive how incomprehensible, waveringmore
Some fluctuating notions concerning repentance, virtue, honor, morality ... hovered around Lady Dellwyn's thoughts but w... more
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