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Example sentences for waver

Juarez did not waver in his public support for the stock.
Never impose a candidate on a department without its consent, and never waver from the principle of merit.
Hart also refuses to waver from his initial vision, and this has limited his scope.
But that's no excuse for allowing our attention to waver or letting boredom get the better of us at any stage of the process.
And they fear that if that determination is perceived to waver they will be left alone, facing a threat they dare not live with.
It still rings true even while our financial markets waver.
In polls voters waver between opposition and support depending on how the question is asked.
Her light voice is attractive at mezzo-forte level, but it has a waver in it and can turn edgy when pushed.
Rio's body into shapes that waver and falter with a compelling, melting-into-the-air kind of laxity.
Those questions have gotten louder as key measures of the economy and investor sentiment waver.
Waters, a publisher of books, has ironically found himself a flag-waver in a movement to re-privilege articles.
Ground-based telescopes are hampered by our planet's atmosphere, which causes light coming from stars to waver.
They respond to it energetically and their attention doesn't waver.
He was not to waver from this unhappy ambition for the next, the last, thirty years of his life.
Through special waver, he holds seats on both the armed services and appropriations committees.
Optimism and foreboding tug at your facial muscles, lifting your eyebrows and making your lips waver between a smile and a frown.
If someone is going to take a supposed stand on principle, that supposed principle should not waver.
Their hug-me arms waver in the hot, wet air, as if they are attempting to embrace something vast and invisible.
It was the indefinable hunger within that made his eyes waver and that kept him always more and more silent before people.
All quarries charge an admission fee and require divers to sign a liability waver before diving.
Nor did he waver from wearing the same game socks despite a growing hole in the heel in one of them.

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