waved in a sentence

Example sentences for waved

He waved me on board his little wooden boat with no hesitation.
The country leads the world in payment cards that can be waved, not swiped.
She poked it some more and waved bye-bye as it when in the oven.
Anchored to the bottom inside calcareous tubes, they collected food particles with feathery arms that waved in the ocean currents.
Tapping the hood twice, he waved us to the side of the road.
At the starting line, a driver is waved onto the course every few minutes.
We waved a shirt on the fishing rod about, and after about one and a half hours a lobster boat spotted us and picked us up.
We wore white organdy dresses and waved regally from the queen's frothy float.
Their long tails waved and shimmered in the soft breeze.
We waved, jumped up and down, and shouted back at the people in the cars.
She waved the praise away as if it were a silly dessert.
Once, he had happened to be walking past as she was driven through the gate, and she had waved.
Soon after, the workers crossed paths with the three rangers headed in the opposite direction, and waved.
He'd sat on his bed with his jacket on, his carefully packed trunk at his feet, and waved them cheerfully away.
He waved his arms, shook the alders, and made himself bigger.
On one alien strand and then another, and another, the waves broke and the palms waved and my capital dwindled.
Some protesters waved them in the faces of the police.

Famous quotes containing the word waved

I sat in silent musing— The soft wind waved my hair; It told me heaven was glorious And sleeping earth wa... more
Ay, tear her tattered ensign down! Long has it waved on high, And many an eye has danced to see That banner... more
She, as a veil down to the slender waist, Her unadorned golden tresses wore Dishevelled, but in wanton ringlets wa... more
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