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Millions of dollars to increase graduation rates will probably increase the rates by further watering down the standards.
It could have the effect of watering down instruction.
Stock watering and swindling of any kind should of course not only be stopped but punished.
And then, while my mouth was watering in anticipation, there was a click and the door stood open.
Here's a quick list of the film's food highlights to get your mouth watering.
Food commercials have an advantage-if you make the product look mouth-watering, it will sell.
The environment was patchy, with a watering hole here and an antelope herd there, but no uniformity or predictability.
Wait for a few seconds and then water the perimeter, waiting for a few seconds in between watering.
Keep weeding and watering, if your garden hasn't had rain.
If you're pounding a few brewskis with your pals down at the local watering hole, maybe this isn't so bad.
The anteater can suck up water and be used as a watering can.
So much for glistening filet mignon and mouth-watering lobster.
At night, the district becomes a cosmopolitan watering hole, filled with travelers relaxing at pubs and bars.
Expect plenty of southern hospitality, tasty mouth-watering cuisine and activities.
Watering lawn with truck gets fire captain in trouble.
Amenities include vault toilets, a watering trough, horse trailer parking and picket lines.
Farmers are struggling to produce crops, and ranchers are worried about watering their cattle.
After a couple of taps on the screen, he strolls up to the counter and asks for one of the bakery's mouth-watering brioches.
Whether such eye-watering cuts can really be made is one of the big unanswered questions raised by this budget.
Another problem is the watering down of tough requirements and procedures as new members join.
The various accounting bodies are trying to placate the politicians while avoiding watering down standards too much.
Watering down the regime could thus push up the cost of borrowing.
He sprayed them with chicken soup from a watering can, and festooned the shed with them.
These watering tanks now house a vegetable garden.
Do that once when ornaments are in place and you'll never miss a watering again.
Set the crowns of the plants high, so they won't become saturated and rot after watering.
After that, follow the watering requirements listed for each plant.
Keep watering them regularly if you want to grow them larger.
Also, overhead watering defeats the shelter's purpose.
Put them in a bright place indoors for no more than two weeks after you get them, watering as needed.
Once rosemary is established, occasional deep watering is almost all it needs.
And watch the watering tomatoes and peppers don't want their dirt to be too wet.
Elevated feeding and watering stations keep birds from fouling the water supply with feathers, feather dander, and droppings.
Water regularly after planting, then cut back on watering as tree becomes established.
As in any container, nutrients are leached out with every watering.
We wondered if something went awry with watering or temperature.
First drought struck the region, forcing large herbivores to congregate around ever-diminishing watering holes and creeks.
Ginger followed me politely, her injured eye watering slightly.
Among their many mouth watering qualities, the best part about sheep's milk cheeses are their versatility.
Reduce evaporation by hand-watering only when necessary and early in the morning, before the sun is intense.
Sprinkle each layer with water from a hose or watering can and check it every few days.
After the plants were in the ground, everyone took turns watering the plants with watering cans.
Its owner was one of half a dozen elephants, all of which were a little miffed that we'd blocked their path to the watering hole.
The elephants were in the process of chasing away all the wildlife in the area from the watering hole.
Rainwater is ideal for watering plants, cleaning the car or windows, or adding to the pool.
As you wait for the shower water to heat up, place a bucket in the shower to catch water for watering plants.
If you chomped into this mouth-watering meal, your taste buds would never trust you again.
At the few remaining watering holes, wolves lie in wait for wild camels.
Put compost tea in that watering can to help fight plant disease and boost plant health.
If you see fungus or mold, stop watering and consider replanting your veggies.
For example, you can put a bucket outside on a rainy day and try to collect water for watering flowers the next day.
Reading some of the jaggy text can be eye-watering, and a smoothing operation might help.
If it's getting warmer, we'll have to water more, invest in a watering system.
They are regulars at this watering hole and take their time to cool off.
For a comedian, it was mouth-watering meltdown, ripe for impersonation.
She plunged her elegant fingers into a blue hydrangea on the terrace, to see if it needed watering.
They were watering the lawn as usual, wearing yellow slickers in the insistent downpour.
Many state fairs offer crazy concoctions that will leave your jaw dropped and your mouth watering in amazement.
Though there's room for improvement, the initial site seems sticky as a cinnamon bun, and equally as mouth-watering.
No longer will you find a watering hose stretched across the first green, as was the case on a summer afternoon a few years back.
The location of the bonsai in the museum is another factor that affects the watering of the tree.
Watering tanks installed for livestock are often used by a diversity of wildlife as well.
If water puddles, stop watering a while and then restart so the water has time to soak in.

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