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Example sentences for water softener

It is also an effective deodorizer and water softener that enhances the cleaning powder of soap.
The plastic is a resin of the kind used to pull calcium out of water in a water softener.
If you use a water softener, make sure your drinking water faucets are not connected to the water softener system.
The typical water softener has two parts: a mineral tank and a brine tank.
Information and precautions regarding water softener use.
Inside a water softener are many small, round beads.
Install a demand initiated regeneration water softener which only run while water is in use.
Water softener resin appears as symmetrical and shiny particles that feel greasy to the touch.
If your service provider does not provide softened water, you may consider purchasing a water softener.
Anion exchange units operate using the same principle as a water softener.
Information and precautions regarding water softener use.
If you have a water softener, make sure the regeneration time is correct and that it is not running all night.
Provide on suction side of water softener serving boilers.
If the sodium level is caused by a water softener, you may need to change the method of treatment.
He rents the water softener from someone other than the lessor of the premises.
Water softener discharge is routed to the septic tank along with the rest of the household sewage.
Anion exchange uses equipment and technology similar to a water softener.
The water softener example is provided to explain the principle of ion exchange.
If a water softener regeneration process was to occur while running an energy test, the water usage would be overstated.
Most problems are linked to either a leaking toilet or a water softener.
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