water cooler in a sentence

Example sentences for water cooler

And they should take the long way to return and refill the bottle at the water cooler on the way back.
It and several variations on the theme are great fodder for water cooler arguments.
If you don't let him check into the water cooler, he won't be happy.
We sit quietly hunched over laptops, transitioning even our water cooler conversations to our keyboards.
When a tragedy hits, the chatter at the water cooler begins.
The secretaries are whispering something around the water cooler.
The crowd may be perfectly harmless and those moments spent around the water cooler can be fun.
He didn't chase them around a desk or leap out from behind a water cooler in a state of nudity.
We're saying that we've trusted you with our bragging rights around the water cooler.
Repeat any of it at the office water cooler at your own risk.

Famous quotes containing the word water cooler

Every time a man and a woman are at the water cooler, Anita Hill's right there between them.... more
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