water back in a sentence

Example sentences for water back

They operate by syphoning up oil and water, separating the oil out, then releasing the water back into the ocean.
The quest for cures helped to bring water back into fashion.
When the mixture separates, release the water back into the ocean.
Other discovery: no need to use free weights when you're carrying ten gallons of water back and forth.
Pour the water back and forth between two clean pots.
Another hose from the pumper circulated water back into the pond to keep the pump active.
Then the process of recycling, or returning the water back into the atmosphere, continues.
Boiled water will taste better if you put oxygen back into it by pouring the water back and forth between two clean containers.
They need cool water to start with, and they generally release warmer water back to the environment.
Deer readily move to other locations, and will follow the water back into their normal home ranges when the water recedes.
It develops when breaking waves push onshore, then gravity pulls the water back out to sea.
Dip a clear plastic cup into this water and then pour the water back and forth between the two clear cups.
Three feet of water was initially pumped out, as the pressure of a higher level would have pushed water back into their homes.
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