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Transform your garden space into a retreat with the soft sound of water.
He knew he'd have more fun in the water if he could stay warm.
We filled the saucepan about one third full of water and placed the large bowl on top.
Plant in full sun, and water deeply only occasionally once established.
Includes concentrates to dilute in water, and dry products that dissolve in water.
Make sure the location has good drainage, since you don't want water to collect around the frame after every rain.
To speed cooling so you can freeze the ice cream right away, chill the cooked custard in ice water.
Hot water really can freeze faster than cold water, a new study finds.
So much water, and almost none of it available to the non-fish among us.
Roller coaster connoisseurs tend to dismiss water rides as too slow, too tame, and too wet.
These appear to have disrupted deep-water hydrology, changing its composition and currents.
To solve the problem, engineers took inspiration from the bills of kingfishers, which can dive into water with scarcely a splash.
The sensors record the drop in pressure as more and more water disappears.
Manufacturers need water to grow the cotton to make cloth diapers.
Environmentally, these diapers require as much water, energy and fuel to produce as any other single-use diaper.
Now the rap superstar has a new favorite drink: water.
The spills make people sick and threaten local drinking water.
Dead leaves drift on the green, cloudy water that's nearly to the brim of the six-million-gallon open concrete reservoir.
You'd reduce water use and end runoff by recycling water in a closed irrigation system.
Purebred wild water buffaloes may already have disappeared from the world, scientists acknowledge.
Wave breaking causes an increase in water level over the bars relative to the channel level.
Proteins are made up of amino acids, some that are attracted to water, others that are repelled by water.
Standing waist-deep in muddy water, they chew coca leaves to stave off exhaustion and hunger.
And lo, out of every seat but his own would come a jet of cold spring water.
You're not able to step back and see the whole thing because of the water quality.
The cocoons were then put in hot water to facilitate the difficult and tedious task of extracting the silk.
People aren't jumping into the water unless a site is in danger or stands to advance research.
However he quickly spread-eagled before hitting the water and wouldn't fit into the pot.
The roof of one of the side chapels had collapsed from water damage, destroying sections of the murals.
Bring a large pot of salted water or stock to a boil.
The water flows into the ground and oiling the glaciers to run faster out into the sea.
Removing the salt from briny water is becoming more affordable.
Any amateur gardener knows plants need two things to survive: sunlight and water.
Body clock is a hormonal dimmer switch that controls water loss.
If the ships or towers were far enough from land the salt water spray would not reach land.
Water would evaporate and the salts along with any organic elements would fall back to the ocean.
Our system is designed to pump large amounts of cold water to the surface of the ocean to create cold water thermoclines.
Long journeys require human explorers to carry plenty of water.
For example, mixing salt with water creates a clear solution, even though the salt is there and the solution tastes salty.
The underground water table is sinking about four feet a year.
The insults across the water can be explained, in part, by that old line about two nations separated by a common language.
Affected residents were warned to boil their water before drinking it.
Fill crock pot with water to soak the beans overnight.
The two approaches, visual studies and art history, create a kind of unstable oil-and-water mixture in academic writing.
He drinks bottled water and eats purified foods of all descriptions.
The water flow seemed normal, but when he started removing the debris with a crane the machinery seized up.
It's a good present, hardly any rust on the spiral and no water damage to the paper.
The quintessential summer space, of course, is water.
Lacrosse and basketball are siblings of soccer, hockey, and water polo.
When she's feeling despairing, she goes to eddies at the mouth of the river and tries to comb the water apart with her fingers.
Lin was a prominent advocate of heavy investment in rural electricity, running water.
Please do not use the fire extinguisher unless there is no water in the toilets.
The paper has called an end to that, but it hasn't retreated from presenting shows by the water.
She forgot to turn on the burner under the vegetables or put water in the coffeemaker.
On a visit a month ago, the impression was of an establishment treading water.
Climatologists are only beginning to model the role that water vapor plays in atmospheric circulation.
Combining light and electrical current removes contaminants from water.
And even cities that have good water-treatment systems are looking for better ways to deliver safer, cleaner water.
Ethanol from corn consumes three times more water than previously thought.
Getting access to clean drinking water is an ongoing problem for people in developing countries.
Sensors track devices' electricity, water, and gas consumption from one spot.
We build cities in the desert, and then pump in water from mountains near and far.
The new partners plan to install what could be the world's first commercial-scale wind turbine located offshore in deep water.
The desiccant can be reused simply by heating it up to boil off the water it's absorbed.
Energy is required to desalinate water, and running the process in reverse can generate energy.
Utilities are using the sun's heat to boil water for steam turbines.
The sun-powered machines rely on water's surface tension.
Water molecules are strongly attracted to one another.
These high-energy interactions can, under the right conditions, pull objects across the water.
Extra salt is then shunted into the blood stream, which sucks up excess water into the blood, increasing volume and pressure.
Moving water is fairly straightforward on the human scale: a pump or a bucket will usually do the trick.
When gas is piped into the water from the bottom, hydrates form on the surface of the gas bubbles.
Removing the residual water leaves behind a residue of hydrate powder.
They reasoned that the water is bound to the dog by surface tension between the liquid and the hair.
When lithium metal meets water, an explosive reaction ensues.
Since wax and water repel one another, the wax forms small droplets.
Typically, it means using cooling liquids such as water.
The frenzied cooking and cleaning in a typical restaurant generates large volumes of water permeated with oil and grease.
Plunging the chicken into ice water after poaching ensures that the meat is perfectly juicy and tender.
Purée raspberries with water, sugar, and lemon juice in a blender until smooth.
In a small saucepan bring water to a boil and remove pan from heat.
Bring broth, water, and thyme sprigs to a bare simmer in a medium saucepan.
Drain and transfer to a bowl of cold water to stop cooking.
To make it, get a pot of salted boiling water ready for the pasta.
Add half of gnocchi to a pasta pot of well-salted boiling water and stir.
The poetic notion is that flowing water brings commerce, delights the eye, and cools the summer heat.
When that happens, there's literally no oxygen in the water.
Carefully put in with a spoon the number of eggs desired, covering them with water.
Put two or three buttered muffin rings in the water.
The tin soldier stood up to his neck in water, and the boat sank deeper and deeper.
She sits there sucking down the water and spouting it forth.
Put into a preserving kettle, and add enough water to nearly cover.
And the water-plants with their graceful flat heads-all became part of him.
When the river is full water runs through it, converting the point of land into an island.
First, they considered the possibility that seasonal upwellings of toxic or oxygen-poor bottom water were responsible.
The government desperately wants to divert water around the capital, to east and west, but the volume is too great.
The air is then pumped out and water pressure pushes the pile into the ooze, as shown in the second diagram.
Some areas used to have competing water companies, each of which built its own system.
In order for a bag full of water to bridge a gap it must have some structural integrity.
But for a double-reversal, water quality would have to be much better.
They plan to use wool, which is good at repelling water and absorbing oil, to soak up oil spills.
Walking around the village, the water in the streams is indeed an alarming rust-red.
But it is the first to be laid low by the technology's dependence on a ready supply of water for cooling.
To house the turbines that create the electricity and to provide a sufficient head of water pressure to drive them efficiently.
Water vapour condenses to form thousands of tiny water droplets which scatter light.
For one thing, fracking uses a tremendous amount of water, a severely undervalued resource inland.
Or you can use the heat of that sunlight to boil water, and then drive a turbine with the resulting steam.
It smells not of fresh water but of hobo urine, slaughterhouses and factories.
Their conditions are abject: crowded, short of drinking water and with poor sanitation.
Water scarcity is an abstract concept to many and a stark reality for others.
Life was born as a result of water, from plants to animals to humans.
Salt water can catch a flame when exposed to certain radio waves, a chemist has confirmed.
Water is an all-important resource for human and other life.
Access to clean, fresh water is a pressing problem around the world.
While water is a renewable resource, it is not as renewable as many people believe.
See some success stories about cleaning up major bodies of water.
Once the water began to boil, the lid would pop off the pot because the steam would need a place to go.
There the water cools, sinks, and cycles back to the southern oceans in deepwater currents.
Water withdrawal for human use shrinks and degrades habitats.
The organization is trying to mobilize food and set up a place to bring in water purification tablets.
His global experiences inform his urgent quest to stop climate change and conserve global water resources.
The next day, fill a large wok with water and bring it to a boil.
Soak the banana leaf rectangles in batches in the water for about a minute or two to soften the leaves.
Water down azure, for example, and you get blue and blueness.
Much of their drinking water comes from a lake in the peaceful countryside north of town.
Most of these deaths could be prevented with proper sanitation, combined with safe drinking water and better hygiene.
The pot of water is put on the fire, and the husks are added to the boiling water.
The rim, the sediment that stands for all the water and all the land of the globe.
Every few months he dries out his tanks and flushes them with fresh water.
Three-quarters of the world's surface is water, but nearly all of our vacations are based on land.
The owner on the top floor left a faucet running and as a result, the water penetrated all the units below.
Have the salted water at a boil before slowly stirring in the grits.
Use chicken broth or meat stock instead of water if serving with roast or grilled meats or poultry.
The government is embarking on efforts to curb air pollution and protect water supplies.
There has been frequent water damage to units in the section of the building where my units are located.
But it won't have any impact on energy efficiency, water efficiency, or the local site conditions.
Water is an essential element to survival and a necessary item in an emergency supplies kit.
Following a disaster, clean drinking water may not be available.
Helping to add vapor are the plants, trees and the land because they lose water too.
It's a call to action for all of us to decrease on our plastic-bottled-water consumption.
There's no water in these communities, no education, no medical facilities whatsoever.
It wasn't tested, so you couldn't know if it would resist weather or water.
We'll celebrate moon and water festivals for our boys.
As soon as you start thinking about getting it right, you're dead in the water.
The steaming water rushes from the faucet as she slides down lower and lower into the tub.
Printouts are then made, using water-based vegetable dyes.
Then reporters, trying to get a better view of the pond, twice broke a water main.
Calculating how much water is used to make consumer products is a complicated but crucial task.
The bird comes across a pitcher with the water level too low for him to reach.
It feeds on land but when it picks up signs of danger, it readily takes to the water and wades to safety.
Researchers have recently started to pay more attention to how water vapor in the atmosphere is related to global warming.
Funky properties of frozen water may have made life possible.
Pollution, overfishing, and the rise of microbes spell doom for many bodies of water.
Yet even though they don't drink any water, they thrive--by trapping water before it leaves the body.
Additionally, its ice surface is thought to float atop a subterranean ocean of water or some other viscous substance.
What followed this realization was a manic drive back to the diving center, then a hurried leap into the water.
Their bodies then elongated and their limbs dwindled as they took to the water.
She prefers to drink out of the bath, and often demands water be put in it if empty.
In the duct specialized cells apparently draw water away from the silk proteins.
The plankton flows along with the water, coloring it blue, making it stand out eerily against the water.
Their eyeballs, as big across as dinner plates, could gather up even the faintest light coming into the upper layer of the water.
When linked with water, it mimics the texture of fat.
Crucial to our existence, water sustains all life on Earth.
Wars in the future, experts say, will be fought over water.
If the land is polluted, the water will be polluted too.
Terrified of swimming, he is determined to avoid the water.
In deep water, waves don't move water forward, they move forward through water.

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