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Example sentences for watchful

The three sports that have been under their watchful eye since the report's inception continue to post higher marks every year.
Others climbed on top of city vehicles, though they were quickly chased off by watchful police.
She accepted the fact that she might have a serious illness brewing, but watchful waiting was the only treatment option.
At the same time, nature has ways of surprising us, and it pays to be watchful.
Even illegal doping is under the watchful gaze of a team of professional athletic doctors, trainers and nutritionists.
Besides goats, you need to keep a watchful eye out for an alien octopus that may destroy a wind turbine near you soon.
Wild saddleback tamarins appear constantly scared and watchful.
Ever alert, a mongoose keeps a watchful eye on its surroundings.
The priceless treasures of the museum are under the watchful eye of these cats.
It's a watchful and masculine place, beautiful and thwarted.
It will undoubtedly have some success as long as the cash keeps flowing and a watchful eye is present.
We use an expensive machine rather than watchful waiting.
Skaters are the same way, always watchful for something to skate, to use.
He championed the interests of his fellow-citizens with a watchful eloquence.
Watchful waiting involves lifestyle change and careful monitoring for cancer progression.
Have severe pain that does not respond to watchful waiting and medical treatment.
He's worth a watchful eye in fantasy leagues, but chances are you can find a better player off waivers.
The only way for even watchful parents to know what's truly going on is for kids to tell them.
But a much larger group of teens is ever more watchful, ready to report any threat, no matter how ludicrous it sounds.
Companies needed to have powerful shareholders and independent directors to keep a watchful eye on managers.
My job is to keep a watchful eye on the proceedings and make sure there is no head-butting or eye-gouging.
Politicians also had to be watchful once their words were circulated by telegraph.
Today, the ever present, ever watchful police are listening and peering into every nik and cranny.
We must be forever watchful and mistrustful of the powerful.
Watchful waiting is closely monitoring a patient's condition without giving any treatment until symptoms appear or change.
The options are watchful waiting, induction therapy, and stem cell transplant.
Not getting cancer treatment right away is called watchful waiting.

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