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One in every two people in the world is expected to watch the cup on television.
Small bars are abuzz and people pile into huts hooked up to generators to watch football matches.
Watch the researchers talk about the fossils and techniques used to find them.
Groups of editors at a dictionary watch specific subject areas, logging the hits a new word gets.
Watch how to make perfectly grilled oysters in minutes.
Watch in this exclusive video the results of that mission and how this scientific army finally caught their perfect storm.
It's truly awe-inspiring to watch the power of the universe at work.
No, nor is there anything terribly interesting to watch while the end credits roll.
To track their fitness, referees constantly wear a watch that monitors their heart rates.
From here, you can watch the fishermen work their nets and poles.
Viewers then sit down, don large headphones and watch a video, with the volume turned up.
They watch thousands of hours of cookery shows on television.
Our weekly round-up of things to watch out for in the next seven days.
We watch the videos and read the discussion forums and blogs.
Watch your heartbeat with do-it-yourself equipment, as described.
If you want to watch the ice palace go up, or even lend a hand, plan to arrive a few weeks early.
Watch out for the ones who want you to call them by their first names.
The stuff that people used to watch or listen to largely because there was little else on is increasingly being ignored.
But companies must now watch for the government's next move.
Watch the images from our photo contest animate your screen while your computer is not in use.
Another thing to watch for: make sure you don't have water sitting around.
You'll be able to check out the state-of-the-art kitchen and watch celebrity chefs demonstrate signature recipes and techniques.
And if they perceive that you are somehow in their way, watch out.
Watch as the entire community comes out of the woodwork to play catch up at the farmers' market.
We swing our binoculars around to watch a phalarope, a white bird no bigger than my hand, paddling in tight circles on the water.
People were persuaded to own films rather than simply watch them.
Stop often to watch foamy waves crashing over the rocks and sea otters at play.
Serve them at your next party and watch your guests' eyes light up.
Watch the procession from the restaurant's long picture window.
Set these out at your next open house and watch them disappear.
The invitation-only salon bills itself as the landmark gathering for the fine watch sector.
But if one could watch neurons communicate, one might be able to deduce how brain circuits are laid out and how they function.
They then let the monkeys watch their choice of video images showing either two or three animals.
Find out how eclipses work and where to watch this one.
They can watch, on the screen, as the needle goes into the vein rather than relying on landmarks on the patient's skin.
But you don't stand by and watch while someone is being harmed.
We both enjoyed the film in spite of how difficult it was to watch at times.
For real, this time: the watch is a development platform aimed at software engineers.
And watch them depart on the way that they will not return.
His first care in that exalted and dangerous station was to watch over his own soul.
The poplar-trees watch beside the irrigation-ditches.
The adjutant drew a watch out of his pocket, a silver watch worth quite ten crowns.
Watchfulness is the law of the ship,-watch on watch, for advantage and for life.
Several hundred more people watch the service on television in an annex under a corrugated iron roof.
The master would stand over the apprentice and watch.
Please watch over our teachers, watch over our mommies and daddies today, and bring them safely back to us this afternoon.
One way of doing this is to imitate the signals and watch for a response.
They also kept a close watch on her general condition and vital signs--pulse, respiration, temperature.
Coming soon to the small screen: technology that will enable you to watch anything you want, anytime, anyplace.
Watch how different types of brain imaging methods are used to visualize a tumor and help plan for surgery.
Alumni who register in advance can log in to watch the interview and submit questions.
The sensor could transmit the pressure reading to a receiver on one's watch that displays the data.
You'll find demos of new innovations, see what the students are up to, or watch a fascinating lecture.
Watch water cling to a surface coated with the new adhesive.
Watch a detailed demonstration of how to make solar cells more efficient.
Watch the robot obey instructions to retrieve a stapler.
Watch the robot pick up a number of differently shaped objects.
Point the camera of a tablet computer or phone at a landmark, and watch as information about the building appears on the screen.
In the bra, a removable plastic box beams a signal to a watch.
But that's not something people want to watch or experience.
Watch repairers, also known as watchmakers or horologists, use precision tools to fix expensive and antique timepieces.
We watch news reports of wounded veterans learning to walk with prosthetic limbs.
All claim to scrutinize every possible angle of the cases of condemned persons facing execution under their watch.
His room was part of a suite, and he was allowed to go out into the sitting area with the police to watch television and chat.
The closer you watch something grow, the less able you are to notice changes in it.
It's up to us, who are the dominant race, to watch out or these other races will have control of things.

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