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There's no point in wasting water by trying to keep alive scraggly or diseased plants.
Be careful about the amount of paint you buy so you aren't wasting.
His exuberance and boyish projection of triumph led to an addiction to taking aim from afar and wasting ammunition.
Lets quit wasting millions on the past and start using it on the present.
Bedridden people can have significant muscle wasting.
If thou shalt hear news of the life and the returning of thy father, then verily thou mayest endure the wasting for yet a year.
The series itself was resolved gently-there was no wasting decline, nobody stormed off the set.
Then it became a place for organizing political protests, and wasting time playing games.
Scientists are wasting much of the data they are creating.
For example, the candidate leaves plenty of white space without going too far in the other direction and wasting space.
The committee will not consider you, so you're merely wasting its time as well as your own.
In fact, they are wasting the department's time and jeopardizing the candidate's tenure.
Ill-focused and superfluous meetings can be maddening, wasting our time and interrupting the flow of our day.
If you won't make some big changes, then you're wasting my time and yours in this course.
Doing so can help them progress faster and avoid wasting too much time soul-searching.
They are wasting time pursuing education that will not benefit them.
In both cases, you risk wasting time and money on lawyers and getting nothing in return.
Or they imagine themselves as brilliant flowers, wasting their sweetness on the desert air.
Don't worry about wasting their time with too many questions.
Because then you're wasting valuable time, feeling that something needs to get done, but no one's really clear about what.
First, no more wasting water down the drain because you forgot to shut off the tap.
Because the rows are more exact, the farmer isn't wasting seed or fertilizer by overlapping.
He talked about respect for the entire animal, utilizing each piece to its maximum, wasting nothing.
Because again, otherwise, there is no point in wasting time with these talks.
If it takes losing the war and wasting all those who gave their lives in the cause of freedom, it is worth it for you.
Mice given the drug every three days from birth suffered far less age-related body-wasting than those which were not.
Unfortunately, both of these approaches risk wasting water, and in some parts of the world that is a scarce resource.
Unfortunately, both these approaches risk wasting water, and in many parts of the world it is a scarce resource.
Meetings of its non-executive supervisory board are, says one veteran director, little more than time-wasting theatre.
They rejoice as he erects monument after monument to my memory, instead of wasting it on the fripperies of food.
Most e-scrap still ends up as landfill, wasting resources and posing risks to health and the environment.
Officials should be shamed into stopping their friends from stealing or wasting water.
Some bosses regard social networking as the epitome of online time-wasting.
And as the price falls, amateurs are wasting little time getting started.
He is wasting the country away with his wild spending.
If people know that their neighbors are using less energy than they are, they will themselves try to stop wasting energy.
Battery chargers are everywhere these days, wasting electricity.
About time he starts walking the talk: which is all about not bringing frivolous lawsuits and wasting taxpayer money.
It is without a doubt the restaurants that is wasting all the food.
Quit wasting time on fuel cells and concentrate on making synthetic gasoline.
Too bad they did this after wasting money on the inferior product but there you go.
There was a growing consensus that moon missions were among the many ways the government was wasting money.
If traveling with luggage, it is important to know where to go to avoid wasting time and to streamline the check in process.
End up in line, reach for your pocket, grab your smartphone and start the time-wasting.
Whenever the engine is running but the car isn't moving, you are wasting fuel.
Make sure your building is well insulated, so you are not wasting energy on heating or cooling.
Avoid wasting electricity when you use any appliance.
And so they whine and cry, until their owners decide that they're tired of wasting money on feeding them.
Check on water heaters, dishwashers, ovens and other appliances to make sure they are functioning properly and not wasting energy.
And since we're wasting so much energy now, some of the first tasks would be relatively easy.
If your hot water runs out of the tap at scalding temperature, you're wasting money overheating your water.
We should not be wasting our precious fossil fuels building these inefficient devices.
But maximizing the profitability of a niche means precisely not wasting too much energy trying to please everybody.
And in my mind that is paramount to wasting time to basically misconceive other peoples notions.
If anything, they probably catch flack from their colleagues for wasting time on public outreach.
Your wasting your time talking to them about something that has zero basis in reality.
Too short and you're wasting beans, too long and you get bitterness.
But all such devices can only hold so much charge, beyond which arcing occurs between the electrodes, wasting the stored power.
The problem is that silicon itself is s a poor laser material, wasting a lot of energy and making little light.
Looking the android screenshot the entire screen is disabled when the emoticons pop up, wasting even more space.
But imagine getting paid for wasting those precious minutes of your day.
Without the drugs, he will die, wasting away from starvation.
Instead, they're going ahead with this rigmarole, wasting so much money.
Information about who to contact about water wasting.
There is an abundance of people wasting their time and the instructor's by going to college.

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