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The project's critics complained that taxpayer money was being wasted on decoration.
The meat must be drained of blood immediately or it's wasted.
The performances are timed in lock-step fashion-not one minute is wasted or ignored.
There was no hesitation or wasted movements-only mechanical, lightning-fast blows and blocks.
Several reasons for this- first the electric drivetrain is inherently more efficient- so there's less wasted energy.
Bingeing on fermented fruits, inebriated elephants go on trampling sprees and wasted birds plummet from their perches.
Perhaps too much is made of graduation, and too much thought is wasted on why students don't graduate.
If the stoners want to sit around wasted, contemplating their navels, so be it.
Ideas don't get lost, time doesn't get wasted, and information is easily shared.
Vast sums of money were wasted on ill-considered charity.
They drop also many eggs on the bare ground, which are thus wasted.
The solid grounds, therefore, of his romance were partly wasted upon an audience not competent to recognize them.
The flotsam and jetsam are mere shreds and fragments of wasted lives.
These powers of body and mind have in the past been strangely wasted, dispersed, or forgotten.
And on every wind of the heavens a wasted life goes by.
Any little thing is a change that is if nothing is wasted in that cellar.
In the rich world, air is cleaner, water purer and energy less wasted.
The cost of a lifetime spent opening eggs incompetently is a small amount of wasted time and some spilled yolk.
It is only after stomach muscles have wasted that the distended bellies so sadly familiar from television pictures appear.
Few refrigerated lorries and poor logistics mean that much of each harvest is wasted.
Many scientists think this approach is a wasted opportunity.
Perhaps it comes as some comfort to them knowing that there are fewer convicts on whom those views are wasted.
Irrigation water is rarely priced at its real value, but without a price tag it is often wasted.
Investors and donors similarly need a legitimate government to ensure that their funds are not wasted.
Too much aid has been wasted by corruption, cronyism and needlessly protracted wars.
Environmentalists dream of a world in which almost nothing is wasted.
One reason the poor learn so little is that a big chunk of school spending is wasted.
The broad repertoire of edible animal parts emerged from a subsistence culture in which nothing was wasted.
The idea is to avoid adding more plastic into the environment and instead harness a wasted resource and find smarter uses for it.
They rarely wasted natural items and took only what they needed, so there could be gifts of life for the future.
He wasted no time, he acted in the moment, and was aware of everything going on around him.
More-efficient and better-functioning flushers can significantly reduce the water wasted when you visit the loo.
Almost two weeks are wasted battling up and down this small stone tower.
It is a short-necked wasted lute, the lower chamber having a parchment sound-table.
Use a bucket to catch clear water that would normally be wasted waiting for the shower or bath to heat up.
As part of your energy audit, consider how your behaviors can cause wasted energy.
Not enough is being done to break this insane cycle of wasted futures.
Therefore the moments before he died were the only moments of sanity in his wasted life.
All in all, this program wasted the time of many people, both the people making it and those viewing it.
If this wasted heat energy could somehow be harvested, solar cells could be much more efficient.
Surely there was no benefit to the dolphins--indeed, they wasted an extensive amount of energy in protecting the swimmers.
Garbage is an excellent feedstock for pyrolysis that has so far been wasted.
Unless you check the system religiously you have wasted a lot of water until you actually discover it.
As power moves through a wire, some of it is wasted in the form of heat.
Most electricity is wasted as lost heat through the generation, transmission and transformation phases.
There is so much wasted energy all around us which could be harnessed and/or stored with the right technologies.
Perhaps a similar breakdown within each symbol to see how much of our money is wasted would be useful too.
The results are catastrophic with billions of dollars being wasted.
There's a lot of wasted material when wrapping spheres with square pieces of foil or paper.
Second, no more time wasted fishing around your cabinets for a measuring cup.
Economists see wasted crisis, urge reform financial reform.
The goal is to rebuild the offense so all that solid work from the rotation and bullpen isn't wasted again.
She never wasted time thinking of new ways to serve them.
Consequently much of the investment that went into the civilian sector of the economy was wasted.
Every day, precious time and money is wasted as kids who don't belong in the autism world get pushed into it.
Back then there was only one player, and it had to succeed or all the effort would have been wasted.
Some of the early funds were wasted on military equipment for riot control.
First, a huge amount of health care spending is wasted.
Skills atrophy, production is wasted, and the country suffers.
Time wasted on these books is time that could be spent reading something fun.
The gene not only repairs wasted or injured muscles but also strengthens healthy ones.
They don't see why there has to be so much conflict, so many scripted attacks, so much wasted energy.
Advertising to people who shop almost entirely on price is wasted effort.
Do not complain that this scrupulousness is probably wasted, after all, and that nobody knows.
Not enough muscle and there's no effect: many valuable hours can be wasted.
Her name was not even mentioned in the episode, making the decision to use her on the track a wasted opportunity.
He sketched a hasty portrait of a wasted crone with a scornful grimace and a ramrod spine.
The evening as a whole feels sculpted-no gesture, no word, no visual choice is arbitrary or wasted.
The police wasted no time before spraying water, launching tear-gas grenades, and driving their armored vans into the crowd.
Scientists may soon be able to cut those eight wasted hours down to three or four-by waving a wand, more or less.
The term refers to wasted light that goes up into the sky instead of illuminating the ground.
Another roadblock hindering solar cells is that much of the light they collect is wasted as heat and not converted to electricity.
Ripe eggs don't keep, which means a fish with a ready clutch of eggs must mate before dark or the eggs will be wasted.
Even if it is wasted money, it is my money and choice to do so.
They talk to each other online, so that little time is wasted on the actual days with small-talk and ice-breakers.
No more wasted hours photocopying journal articles at the library.
She could become a stay at home mom, but then she feels her education would have been wasted.
Far more is wasted on other things for far less value and return.
Her body had wasted away and stiffened to immobility.
And money wouldn't be wasted on trying to print kidneys.
Therefore, it would be highly recommendable that participants' neither time nor energies be wasted throughout these meetings.
Please do not bother to flame me, as my time is too valuable to be wasted in a flame-war.
Either way, its four more years of time wasted as the climate situation gets worse and worse.
In time, some would say that he had wasted his fortune and accomplished nothing.
Friends and family despair as a once promising life is wasted on dead-end jobs and long nights by the candle in a drafty garret.
We followed a stream wasted by oil and completely dead.
It's as if, having discovered his diaphragm at last, he wasted no time using it to rattle the life out of his vocal cords.
The phones were erratic, so he wasted no time on preliminaries.
And that the intellectuals he met think that their creative years are wasted by a revolution in which they have no stake.
Money and manpower would not be wasted on prisons, which demonstrably do not deter.
Rice's contribution was to argue that too much time wasted by investigating might be catastrophic.
In the good mystery there is nothing wasted, no sentence, no word that is not significant.
The political team's reading of these voters was that to them, a dollar spent by government to create a job is a dollar wasted.
Reversible logic could cut the energy wasted by computers to zero.
Yeah, think of how that wasted energy could be used once solar energy becomes efficient enough.
The new catalysts promote these reactions, and so reduce the amount of energy wasted as the cells are charged and discharged.
Thousands of hours are wasted every year waiting for computers to boot up.
Conventional gas-electric hybrids use batteries to store energy recovered during braking, which would otherwise be wasted as heat.
Compressed air can also be used to power such an engine without any tailpipe exhaust and much lower wasted heat energy.
The photovoltaic color filter converts into electricity about two percent of the light that would otherwise be wasted.
By using the otherwise wasted energy of braking, the hybrids get better gas mileage in the city than conventional vehicles do.
If less charge comes out than goes in, that energy is being wasted by unwanted reactions within the battery.
But other mutations can indicate that a drug will not work, eliminating wasted time with ineffective treatments.
Imagine the entire wasted wood product from any disaster.
And if the wasted energy weren't bad enough, computer memory has a limited life span.
Happy stories of the winners are trumpeted, but vast majority of losers merely get their time and money wasted.
The drips would add up to a flood of water wasted down the drain.
So less energy is wasted from braking a lighter vehicle.
Faucets or showerheads may have small drips which can result in hundreds of gallons of water being wasted each day.
Unfortunately, a large portion of that energy is wasted.
But for those kids saved from drug addiction, this is hardly wasted dollars.
Some of sound's energy is wasted pushing the particles around because they can slide past each other.
At frontline dressing stations neither time nor sentiment is wasted on the hopelessly injured.
They need not have wasted their cardboard or their chants.
But it's possible that a lot of that time is wasted.
The amount of time wasted on both sides turns everybody sour.
Even during turbulent times, not a moment was wasted.
The rumors, fed by his wan and wasted appearance, had circulated for days.
Too much time and effort are wasted on second-tier objectives.
Restaurant owners--and the customers who supported them--wasted no time finding creative ways around the law.
It's a leak in the form of wasted energy from inefficient appliances, poor insulation and bad design.

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