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Example sentences for was

That was the first story I'd ever sold to a national magazine.
Maybe it was time I learned what all the buzz was about.
That was nine years ago.
All that was left was to seek retribution.
When was the first inaugural parade?
It was Friday.
The vaccinal eradication of smallpox was a watershed achievement.
Squaring many circles:An ambitious single currency depended on a fiscal rule book that was never followed.
The amount of skin indicates how muscular the hadrosaur was and, consequently, how fast it could run.
But they were wrong-and did not want to hear the answer that was right.
The shy guy was a no-show again, and this time as the guest of honor.

Famous quotes containing the word was

Saul clothed David with his armor; he put a bronze helmet on his head and clothed him with a coat of mail. David strappe... more
The king said, -Divide the living boy in two; then give half to the one, and half to the other. But the woman whose son... more
I remember the almost daily talks of my mother on the cruelty of slavery. I would say nothing to her, but I wasmore
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