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Example sentences for warty

No time for making new warty friends and playing screaming games.
Her bronze sculptures commemorate the crook-necked, lumpy and warty squashes and gourds she grows from seed in her garden upstate.
Unlike the smooth-skinned animals that have been imagined by artists, this dinosaur was as warty as a toad.
The distinction is that toads generally have dry, warty skin and short hind legs used for walking instead of jumping.
They kneel over this warty creature, who looks at them with prehistoric contempt.
The large spindles are warty and may have one side that has numerous small spines.
Toads have dry warty skin, make short hops, and may be found far from water as adults.
The cutaneous form of pox causes warty growths on unfeathered skin, sometimes in large clusters.
Entire tubers may be replaced by the warty proliferation.

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And in their fairy tales The warty giant and witch Get sealed in doorless jails And the match-girl strikes ... more
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