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In cold weather, that liquid flows into a compressor, where it gets heated and is used to warm the floors.
They arise in warm tropical waters that transfer their heat to the air.
Heat from the roads helps cold-blooded snakes stay warm.
So when you talk to them, sound interested, warm and enthusiastic.
The area is so serene, and the people are so warm and friendly.
Most of the country has warm, sunny days and cool nights.
Warm sunny places are suited to solar thermal and solar photovoltaic power.
Dressing in layers traps body heat and helps keep you warm.
And if you put it into a pot of tepid water and then turn on the heat, it will scramble out as soon as it gets uncomfortably warm.
It sounded kind of synthetic, and far from warm or earthy.
The slow drifting of the continents can open and close straits and seas, altering the pattern of warm and cold ocean currents.
Serve the cheese on warm plates surrounded by garlic toast slices.
Warm blood flowing toward the fox's legs heats up the cool blood returning from its feet.
Not only does warm water soothe us, it can combat loneliness.
Take plenty of bait, don't forget your bucket and stay warm.
Those in colder climates frequently have to risk freezing themselves to warm up their cars.
Off to take another f---ing pill and lie down in the dark under a warm blanket.
Thus the warm glow that accompanies charitable giving has a physiological basis.
Bumblebees prefer their food warm and learn to locate hotter flowers using color as a cue, scientists say.
Flower color lets chilly bees know they're a good place to warm up.
As if on cue, a local doctor complained theatrically about the necessity of drinking warm wine.
Pendant lights illuminate the work surface of the kitchen island and provide a dash of warm color.
Wait for the car to warm up, and remove your heavy coat and hat and boots before you drive.
But if the winds slacken briefly, warm water begins to slosh back across the ocean, while the upwelling in the east slows down.
By absorbing sunlight, the floating plants help keep the ocean surface relatively warm.
Scientists injected a radioactive dye into my left arm, which felt warm and tingly as it coursed toward my brain.
During warm months, she hangs birdhouses and snips flowery displays for her vast vase collection.
All you need to make your own yogurt is milk, a little bit of yogurt and a warm place.
As soon as she could walk she wandered away, preferably into warm spring rain.
They take turns sitting on a pair of eggs to keep them warm and safe from predators.
In the meantime, lets all think warm thoughts, for one another.
There exists active discussion about why our bodies are warm and not cold.
The darkest red part of the spot turns out to be a warm patch inside the otherwise cold storm.
It's about making the graduates' relatives feel warm and fuzzy about the campus as well.
Combined with an increasingly warm climate, this could cause the size of the residents of such an ecosystem to fall.
Warm days and cool nights are ideal conditions for powdery mildew.
Shingles and insulation are also must-haves to keep the chickens warm and dry if you live in an extreme climate.
There were lots of parents and kids on the sidewalks, watching on a warm day with clear blue skies.
So the dissolved pollutants remain trapped on the warm side of the barrier.
But during warm interglacial periods, sea levels rose and the chalk ridge was the only link.
These jets form an air shield to keep the warm air out.
Due to the warm climate, oil eating bacteria consumed almost all the oil within two years.
Warm colors tend to make people feel good and look great.
Colleagues and students described him as warm and funny.
Low retail sales reflected unseasonably warm weather and higher petrol prices.
The blanket acts as an insulator to help keep the decomposing matter warm.
Winter is marked by sudden cold snaps, so bring a warm sweater and long pants.
Earthy reds, dusty warm plums, and rusty golds work beautifully for dining rooms and powder rooms.
The warm summer breeze, the starry night sky, the relative privacy of your own backyard.
Then cool air moves in and replaces the rising warm air.
Think of it as a way to warm up your minds for the heavy planning to be done next.
Warm and generous with his friends, he could be cruelly dismissive of his intellectual rivals.
Researchers looking to treat insomnia have built a suit threaded with warm water-filled micro-pipes that promotes deeper sleep.
You'll be fine in your dark colors, but you might be warm in the summer.
However, the gray tonalities didn't give it a warm feeling.
For many, the warm glow of fireflies in the night air is a sure sign that summer has arrived.
As reconstructed by the paleontologists, the dinosaur-bearing deposits are indicative of a relatively warm coastal plain.
Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water, splashing the water over the skin repeatedly until your face rinses clean.
Tropical storms are caused by warm moist air over seas rising.
It was clear to both of us that my warm peach and cream cheese blintz trounced his deconstructed yogurt parfait.
He knew he'd have more fun in the water if he could stay warm.
Cool and warm waters meet here and trigger a great, green upwelling of life.
Blubber also helps keep animals warm in cold waters.
We stand in warm rain on a dirt road and contemplate a cattle pasture.
By the time you all sit down, her food will be cool enough, but yours will still be warm.
If they get a warm reception they can subsequently be given the full publishing treatment.
By raising the surrounding air temperature, the bats would need to burn fewer calories to warm back up.
The warm breeze tickled and teased our noses perfumed with sweet honeysuckle infused with freshly mowed lawns.
Everywhere low ceilings and dark woodwork combined with golden floors and small-paned windows to create a warm atmosphere.
Top the bananas with a sprinkling of grated lemon peel and offer warm maple syrup to drizzle over the fruit and cakes.
You'll need a snow shovel, some warm clothes, and a car that can withstand the snow.
If no one else can perform the task, wear disposable gloves and wash your hands with soap and warm water afterwards.
Steep warm spices in cider, then spike the drink with a generous dose of dark rum.
In fact, the best way to clean the pan is simply rinsing it under warm water.
If it is really cold you can wear a blazer over that, giving you layers you can remove if you end up warm.
But emperor penguins know some cool ways to keep their chicks warm.
Crisp blue and warm camel offer clean contrast to the checkerboard floor.
Linen is your friend, because it can get quite warm.
Scientists think that geckos first lived in warm rain forests.
Cut at home, it's easy to serve and eat and is refreshing even if it's a little bit warm.
Waterspouts-weaker marine cousins that form over warm water-also can be hazardous to human health.
The second visit was better, not exactly a warm and fuzzy meeting, but there was some rapport there.
Many photographers favor the warm tones and directional qualities of late afternoon and early morning light.
It is a warm deep sandy red that will work in any season, and with the architecture.
My feet, warm and comfortable throughout the entire climb, now begin to freeze.
Sometimes salads can be comforting, especially when warm potatoes are part of the mix.
Warm up game day with great, easy-to-transport tailgating recipes.
Our goals were to open the spaces to each other and to reorganize and upgrade the kitchen as a warm and elegant entertaining area.
Our goals were to open the spaces to each other and to turn the kitchen into a warm and elegant entertaining area.
In our warm test kitchen, it took another half hour for the salve to cool and solidify completely.
There must have been some other way that the eggs could have been kept safe and warm enough to develop properly.
Fur is a warm hug on a cold day, useful and nearly ubiquitous among mammals.
Outside of the lab, nothing is quite so miserable for a warm-blooded creature as a polar winter.
If the day is warm and wet enough, the zoospores germinate, sending threadlike filaments into the leaf.
The colder the weather, the more the community seemed to warm to the scientists.
When they are roasted, and combined with sweet corn, you have a lovely chowder that is good for cool or warm weather.
Most scholars give a warm, good-natured cast to the telling of jokes, mentioning neither nastiness nor aggression.
To some degree, this is a warm-up question but it also serves to signal the candidate's preparedness to the committee.
The other two members were not able to see my non-verbal cues, my mannerisms, nor my warm smile.
The president of the college found me and offered his handshake and warm regards.
He'll keep you warm at night, loves to sleep on the bed pressed against your legs.
It is totally cool to see them flying around, riding the thermals on a warm afternoon.
But a pocket of audio enthusiasts still values the tubes' warm tones.
The eyes should move toward the warm water and then slowly away.
The handsets are getting so warm, in fact, that the plastic cases of the white models are discoloring to pink.
Evaporation from that rainfall produced the initial pocket of warm air.
In warm weather, trees release volatile chemicals that act as catalysts for smog.
Lots of people were out enjoying a warm spring afternoon.
The first channel offers warm and pristine clean tones.
If you've ever felt a charger when it's doing its job you know how warm they get.
In warm-climate-adapted populations, inhalations are not directed toward the narrow upper part of the nasal cavity for warming.
But when a mosquito sucks some toasty warm blood, its body temperature can rocket up.
Cholera bacteria thrive in warm water where sanitation is poor.
It's even more critical to be warm and supportive when your loved one gets good news.
The day had been clear and the night came on warm and pleasant.
Even the elder-tree bent its branches straight down into the water before him, and the sun shone warm and mild.
In the warm little office the air became suddenly heavy and the strength went out of her body.
First warm the jars by rinsing them in hot water and let stand in hot water until used.
More to the point, they break down slowly in warm, salty conditions of the sort found in the body.
Companies are at pains to present themselves as warm-and-fuzzy global citizens.
It takes a month to cool each section, and a month to warm each one back up to normal temperatures again.
They form near the warm-cold air boundaries as warm air overruns colder air at the surface.
The winds pulls cold air toward the equator from the polar regions and bring warm air toward the poles.
The clash of warm and cold air leads to the widespread precipitation the storms bring.
The strongest thunderstorms normally form in warm, humid air that's east or south of advancing cold air.
When the beans are warm, put them in a bowl and top with the chopped vegetables.
Warm, balmy temperatures usually occur under the ridge.
Well it was her turn to warm up before our next ski trip.
Instead, keep her moving and breathing fresh air with warm workout gear.
Researchers say the undulations ensure each penguin a turn in the middle of the cluster, which helps the birds keep warm.
They are found cruising the shallow, warm waters of all the world's oceans.
The star is a warm, dense blob of material at the core of the cloud.
If the water near a reef gets too warm, the polyps die.
The cubs themselves have thick coats of fur and layers of fat to keep them warm.
Over time, they adapted to survive in these warm, wet places.
Feathers on their legs and feet help keep the birds warm.
But a winter warm spell doesn't guarantee that food will be available.
Lynx are covered with beautiful thick fur that keeps them warm during frigid winters.
Preferring warm waters, whale sharks populate all tropical seas.
Transfer the opened clams with a pair of chopsticks or tongs to a warm serving platter and keep warm.
Even when not raining, these clouds keep the rain forest humid and warm.
They spend their entire life drifting in the open oceans of warm regions worldwide.
Natural cotton fiber insulation helps keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
They will probably say that it's always warm, which is true.
But snow pack and other natural insulators can keep the frogs sufficiently warm during their winter hibernation.
Nudibranchs crawl through the world's oceans, from frigid seas to warm tropical waters.
The desiccant pulls moisture from the airstream, leaving dry, warm air.
We keep our house cool in winter and warm in summer.
As the oceans warm the ability of water to retain oxygen will decrease until only anaerobic bacteria can survive.
Home brew fuel ethanol produced lazily with a solar still is an easy vehicle fuel, especially for warm weather.
Dissolve rennet in warm water, then stir into milk mixture.
We spread them on the table with our hosts, opened a bottle of crisp white wine, and went to town in the warm evening air.
We sit on the terrace on a chilly autumn night, in the warm light spilling out from the windows.
If using a foil-lined pan, cool brittle to warm in pan, then peel off foil and transfer brittle to rack to cool completely.
Once everything's had a chance to roll around in olive oil and warm up, add the beaten eggs.
The sawdust in the icehouse makes a comfortable bottom in which to root, and a warm bed.
There will always be a warm spot in my heart, somewhere, for that magazine.
When he stepped into the lobby, he was met with a wall of warm air.
In warm weather, lunch is served on the patio, to the pleasing accompaniment of live guitar music.
The contrasts--cold and warm, soft and crunchy--all came together well.
People are more likely to drive to work where the weather is warm and/or wet.
The room is long and narrow, decorated in warm beiges, its walls and shelves lined with pictures and mementos.
The instruments glow in a warm light, telling the strange story of the airplane's motion.
He held her hand and squeezed it to signal his warm feelings, and said that there was nothing to forgive.
Here it is warm, and the days are longer, and the phone doesn't ring much.
It was a little after two, a slow time for the business, and the manager was dozing off in the warm sunshine.
He can feel a tremor of fresh sunlight, warm and warmer.
During the day his father was warm and funny, but at night he drank and turned sour.
When the weather's warm, big windows open onto outdoor counters, and the place takes on the air of a snack bar at the beach.
The hand was warm to the touch, the nails polished, perfectly manicured.
Wandering round a supermarket-warm, gorgeously lit-corridors of open fridges full of tiger prawns and fillet steak.
To forge a warm bond with a work of art in such a setting takes forceful concentration.
There had been no time to have it cut, and now the weather was warm.
Warm air holds more moisture, so as temperatures rise there is more water available to the system.
But your days of dashing between warm spots, or paying extra for the privilege of not, may soon be at an end.
Naturally occurring forest fires, especially in warm and dry years, also release methane into the air.
The image is in the infrared, showing piles of warm gas and dust that litter the galactic center.
He argued that they may have even been warm-blooded.
It makes sense: stay where it's warm, sunny, and there's a lot of food.
He doesn't have a funny, warm bone in his body, and he's almost autistic.
She then repainted the walls brown-ish gold to create a warm, period appropriate feel.
In the winter he turns on heaters to warm their barns.
He has a warm smile and bright, heavy-lidded eyes, which are partially hidden behind rose-colored aviators.
He could be warm and funny one minute and cold and detached the next.
We'd be the warm-up for one of his jumps to get the crowd excited.
Occasionally on a warm winter day, a chipmunk will venture outdoors, especially near bird feeders where food is abundant.
You'll get a warm welcome from hotels looking to fill rooms left empty by winter-sports fans.
Alternating warm and cold packs may provide some relief.
Rinse them off and serve immediately or warm them in the cranberry sauce.
Have you been told lately how warm your eyes are and how they softly glow with the special nature of your soul.
Coral reefs are dying off as the seas get too warm for comfort.
But many biologists suspect that feathers originally arose to keep dinosaurs warm.
The reality is, the people you might not warm to are actually harder working.
Shorter breathed these days, she can still summon a warm, rich sound and vividly tell a song's story.
High energy prices may make it harder for some of our neighbors to stay warm this year.

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