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Earthenware, also called semi-vitreous or white ware, is produced from less coarse clay.
Every shard of every ware has a value.
For the first time in world ceramic practice, goods can be fired by heat applied from all sides of the ware.
Putting free courseware online was a first step in reimagining education.
If a joke kills—that is, gets a big laugh—I have a new comedy ware to display.
Every pattern is color-locked right into the ware.
We do need iron, but that can be obtained from other sources, such as using iron cooking ware.
But more importantly, and on topic, he's seen sporting a fashionable piece of mouth ware at the time: a smoking pipe.
Place in granite-ware pan and bake until thoroughly heated.
Fruit should be cooked in earthen or granite ware utensils, and silver or wooden spoons should be employed for stirring.
At some point, we'll finally bid adieu to our beloved stacks and shelves of tree-ware.

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