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How to protect your wardrobe without resorting to mothballs.
But it will take more than a trip to the wardrobe to establish his credentials.
Our fall apparel guide gives the goods for an all-purpose wardrobe come rain, shine or campsite downtime.
Hostas come in a virtual wardrobe of shapes, textures, and colors.
Here's a few particular shirts you might want to consider for spicing up your little one's wardrobe.
All it takes is one wardrobe malfunction to throw you off your game.
Counsellors are provided and a wardrobe is also at hand for those who need to smarten up for job interviews.
Have fun and add to your wardrobe by trading clothing with a friend.
Nails have become an inexpensive way to inject a season's hottest color trends into your wardrobe.
We call it dithering around while you guys have a whole wardrobe for it.
Light enough to wear as a shirt or a jacket, it multiplies your travel wardrobe and helps you pack light.
They will come to your home or office bearing the new fall wardrobe you've purchased.
Aside from wardrobe overhauls, the heroes will also be younger and text a lot more.
Our embroidered tunic brings a burst of colorful flowers to your spring wardrobe.
Emphasizing quality of work over quality of wardrobe.
Counterintuitive wardrobe choices keep your fans guessing.
Your feet don't care that heritage hiking boots are second only to beards in today's hipster wardrobe.
He rummages through a wardrobe and returns to the table.
It would replace the chainsaw nunchucks shirt in my wardrobe.
Get your avatar a hairstyle and wardrobe she likes, pump iron at one of the in-game gyms, and she might let you take her out.
Whatever his wardrobe may stand in need of should be bought, if possible.
People could arrange their wardrobe for the coming season.
They will be invited to vote on elements of a film's soundtrack, an actor's wardrobe, or even character development.
Various articles of their wardrobe were peeked around the sides and corners, or under the roof.
Each player gets an avatar that can be fitted with a number of inventory and wardrobe options including hijabs.
His wardrobe consisted of two pairs of pants, seven shirts, and five handkerchiefs.
When one of them raised the alarm, he tried to hide in their wardrobe.
And it's a look that has turned wardrobe planning outside in.
We were able to stow enough wardrobe and gadgets to get us through a two-day trip.
However, a wardrobe change loomed for the three friends.
Each night they select the wardrobe, much of it from vintage shops, for the performers.
She gave up little else, promising only that there would be no wardrobe malfunctions.
Sue's investment is not essential because the photographer lets her use her own wardrobe as a matter of indulgence.
For an eighteenth century gentleman, a waistcoat was a vital part of his wardrobe.

Famous quotes containing the word wardrobe

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They have left thee naked, Lord, O that they had! This garment too I wish they had deny'd. Thee with thy self they have ... more
Our passions do not live apart in locked chambers but dress in their small wardrobe of notions, bring their... more
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