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There's not enough genetic disparity to ward off the perils of inbreeding.
To-morrow's remedy will not ward off the evil of to-day.
He did not even write poetry primarily for the sake of writing poetry, but to ward off melancholy by keeping his mind occupied.
They see dangers in proposals made to universal suffrage, and they must exert themselves to ward off those dangers.
Salt, moreover, would appear to ward off low forms of fever.
But some versions of the genes are too weak to ward off the attackers.
Citronella candles will be lit to ward off mosquitoes.
The findings don't prove that the drugs, called statins, ward off aggressive cancer.
And it requires sacrificing today to ward off uncertain and unquantifiable future risks.
Almost everyone who uses a computer has had to ward off infection by computer viruses.
No high level envoys were sent to ward off the crisis or to mediate, and no multilateral diplomatic initiative was launched.
To ward off hydrates they are also pumping hot water down around the new riser pipe, and methanol into the pipe.
They will be disappointed, and the book's introduction tries to ward off such expectations.
In a democracy, the primary role of the central bank is to ward off inflation.
Condescension cannot ward off history-not for presidents or even newspaper editors.
Actual participation was too minatory to attempt, a phantasmagoria he managed to ward off throughout his life.
Sonic blasters and private security teams have been billed as some of the best bets to ward off pirates.
The sedative medications ward off convulsions and brain damage.
Senior military leaders all say they have plenty of the planes, to ward off any potential foe.
Each of these steps is a complex biological process, and each presents opportunities to ward off a pandemic.
The idea of using chemicals to ward off sharks is not new.
Some tattoos denote an affiliation with spirits, deities, or ancestors-or ward off harm or disease.
And to ward off tigers from creeping into populated villages, officials have built a nylon fence around the tiger reserve.
Conservationists are now devising humane ways to ward off the elephants.
It is believed fire symbolized the sun's return after the winter solstice or was used to ward off evil spirits.
Scientists theorize that birds could use toxins in their feathers and skin to ward off parasites and insects.
The water is said to ward off illness for the rest of the year.
Brown braided hair peeks out from behind a metal mask that was meant to ward off evil spirits in the afterlife.
It also promotes sustainable energy use, helping ward off potential energy crises.
In pairs, have students write a comparison of the different ways these organisms ward off predators.
People do not eat only to obtain nutrients and ward off hunger and starvation.
One example is an excessive fear of germs and the compulsion to repeatedly wash the hands to ward off infection.
Plants are constantly struggling to ward off a variety of predators, ranging from caterpillars to cows.
Fruit flies will purposely ingest alcohol to ward off parasitic wasps.
It might also ward off some of the genetic errors that underlie cancer and aging.
Presents practical solutions to ward off environmental decay.
Apparently the sacrifices needed to ward off climate change will have to be borne by others.
Fortunately, there are ways for the brain and body to ward off such dire consequences.
Some evidence suggests that probiotics may modulate the immune system to help it to ward off pathogens.
To ward off depression, try simple acts of kindness.
Consumers need to be vigilant to ward off overdrafts, bank fees.
The science of hand washing to ward off cold, flu bugs.
However, there is one place where you may need to wear a jacket at night to ward off the chilly air.
As the year wore on, the claim was repeated but seemed more and more desperate, as if it were a spell to ward off recession.
Yet bank regulators, too, should do more to ward off crises in the banking system.
Anti-bacterial chemicals are used to ward off sea lice and other parasites.
Turning down his testosterone level helps ward off that risk.
To stabilise the public finances and ward off a currency crisis, he is promising painful cuts that will affect every household.
Government stimulus may still be needed to ward off a new slump.
They do have tools to try to ward off deflation, and should use them.
Out comes wood, cherries, and toxins to ward off insects.
Adding nitrogen in the form of nitrate fertilizer raised food production enough to ward off disaster.
They won for their discovery of telomeres, the caps on the ends of chromosomes that keep them from degrading and ward off aging.
Part of the problem is the lack of familiar surroundings and comforts that can help ward off the blues.
Better to ward off brain decline by staying mentally active and using your brain.
Plants use a variety of toxic chemicals to ward off hungry mandibles but habitual vegetarians adapt to these defences.
Usually crest and body-size display would be enough for males to ward off challengers, but occasionally they might have to fight.
Repellents ward off animals based on taste and smell.
Environmental enrichment: to ward off boredom in zoo animals.
Drink several quarts of water per day to ward off dehydration.
Clothing should be worn in layers, an outer layer to ward off wind and precipitation and inner layers to insulate.
Some even sprinkled the wheels of their cars with holy water and cruised around town to ward off witches.
Err on the side of caution and take home a bright blue bauble to ward off the evil eye.
But researchers are learning that diets rich in calcium also provide another benefit: they help ward off obesity.
There are pots of stew bubbling and, on every table, hand sanitizer to ward off cholera.
Next: eggs with boosted lutein, which may help ward off blindness.

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