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Most dirt poor farmers with cancer in those days ended up in the poor ward in a state or city hospital.
Anti-bacterial chemicals are used to ward off sea lice and other parasites.
The idea of using chemicals to ward off sharks is not new.
Plants are constantly struggling to ward off a variety of predators, ranging from caterpillars to cows.
There's not enough genetic disparity to ward off the perils of inbreeding.
To stabilise the public finances and ward off a currency crisis, he is promising painful cuts that will affect every household.
Scientists theorize that birds could use toxins in their feathers and skin to ward off parasites and insects.
Ward also hopes to partner with pharmaceutical companies.
It uses tariffs and quotas to ward off pesky imports.
My shoulder bag is always stuffed with reading material, to ward off idle moments during the train ride home.
If the ruling goes against the government, it may decide to raise its offer substantially to ward off further claims.
Volunteers shuttling war wounded in wheelbarrows into the emergency ward.
Sonic blasters and private security teams have been billed as some of the best bets to ward off pirates.
They do have tools to try to ward off deflation, and should use them.
When on land, walruses use their tusks to ward off predators and to gain purchase on ice floes.
Ward was for many years a prominent figure in local and national politics.
Government stimulus may still be needed to ward off a new slump.
When it's cold outside, modern humans don a sweater to ward off the chill.
Turning down his testosterone level helps ward off that risk.
The charm isn't meant to ward off technology traumas.
Some tattoos denote an affiliation with spirits, deities, or ancestors-or ward off harm or disease.
More importantly, he went on, his knowledge means that he can now take measures to ward off the disease.
Their reception on the doorstep in one such ward is mixed, but many residents are keen to talk.
Cruise-ship crews have even used the device to ward off pirates.
Instead, the company may merely use the patent defensively to ward off suits from holders of similar intellectual property claims.
The water is said to ward off illness for the rest of the year.
It also promotes sustainable energy use, helping ward off potential energy crises.
They sprung the lock and revealed a medical ward fit for a horror movie.
But some versions of the genes are too weak to ward off the attackers.
To ward off hydrates they are also pumping hot water down around the new riser pipe, and methanol into the pipe.
It is a cardiac ward of sorts: all of the pigs in the room have suffered heart attacks.
Fruit flies will purposely ingest alcohol to ward off parasitic wasps.
Presents practical solutions to ward off environmental decay.
Apparently the sacrifices needed to ward off climate change will have to be borne by others.
It might also ward off some of the genetic errors that underlie cancer and aging.
Fortunately, there are ways for the brain and body to ward off such dire consequences.
During this time, the patient lives and sleeps in the hospital ward, and the signals from the wires are monitored continuously.
Some evidence suggests that probiotics may modulate the immune system to help it to ward off pathogens.
Indeed, natural selection, coupled with mutations leads necessarily to ward the extinction of the species.
As the year wore on, the claim was repeated but seemed more and more desperate, as if it were a spell to ward off recession.
The findings don't prove that the drugs, called statins, ward off aggressive cancer.
No high level envoys were sent to ward off the crisis or to mediate, and no multilateral diplomatic initiative was launched.
Out comes wood, cherries, and toxins to ward off insects.
Three hours later, off my radar screen, she was set to be transferred to a ward upstairs.
Adding nitrogen in the form of nitrate fertilizer raised food production enough to ward off disaster.
The first night on the ward, however, she had been found foaming at the mouth and unconscious.
Usually crest and body-size display would be enough for males to ward off challengers, but occasionally they might have to fight.
Ward immediately suspected that it had come from the tobacco industry, and he chose to investigate further.
They will be disappointed, and the book's introduction tries to ward off such expectations.
Tells about his suicide, and about a dying patient on writer's ward.
Meanwhile the first fawn tiptoed to- ward the shallow brook, in little stops and goes, and started across.
She is proud of her ward, and enjoyed introducing patients.
At that time, the city had three wards and ward designations were referenced in the earliest municipal matters.

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