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Example sentences for war zone

Experimental vaccines, or exotic ones for soldiers in a war zone, maybe not so much.
The senator had made frequent trips to the war zone.
Imagine trying to remain calm and composed while working in the middle of a war zone, a natural disaster, or other crisis.
Our cameras are there, in the middle of this real-life war zone, where only the strong-and the devious-survive.
When you think about it, the ocean can be a war zone.
Once you go into the war zone proper, there's an added layer of danger.
Every once in a while you're in a war zone and that's a little scary.
Their time in the war zone gets extended, their exposure to blast injuries is high.
Witnesses say the city resembled a war zone with bodies littering the streets and buildings reduced to rubble.
He tried to overrule protests by the presidential plane's pilot, that the trip into a war zone was unsafe.
Whoever the winners are in all this, it is clear who the losers have been: civilians in the war zone.
Newspapers and other media have cut the number of reporters in the war zone.
The system won't be heading to the war zone immediately, despite what you may have read in previous reports.
Spy drones' cameras were already recording the war zone from on high, after all.
Over the past few weeks, my living room and yard have been turned into a war zone.
They don't pretend to be about anything more than what a unit encounters in its small patch of the war zone.
But injury is not expected among those far from the war zone.
The medic teases her for wearing a matching bra-and-panty set in a war zone.
Others have fled into the frozen mountains rather than live in a war zone.
Returning from a war zone can involve adjustment for service members and their families.
Active duty service members may have the option to remain on active duty or to return to the war zone.
Describes common reactions after deployment to a war zone.
The sudden loss of attachments takes many forms in the war zone.
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