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Example sentences for waning

Bidding often is slow until the waning minutes.
With her waning strength, she haltingly dragged a chair several inches out from the table.
He was half an hour late, and it looked as if her patience was waning.
The waning moon rose late.
Rigor, discipline and self-sufficiency are waning at an unacceptable rate.
On a global scale, the amphibian population has been waning.
Although sales of the book remained brisk during the first several years of the 20th century, they were waning by 1908.
For a time it seemed concern was on the rise but more recently it seems to be waning.
By the next day, when the board announced its independent investigation, support for the president was waning.
Then move on to something else if you feel the interest is waning.
While the moon shows signs of waning popularity, the eagle retains an undiminished favor.
The landscape was spectral in the light of the waning moon.
When a drug bleeds from her system, effects waning, illness manifests.
The monthly waxing and waning of the moon make a difference, too, say followers of the signs.
If everyone else is photographing a spectacular sunset, turn around and shoot the scene in waning sunlight.
In the waning moments of the semiprofessional derby, two jockeys come galloping down the homestretch, neck and neck.
So in the first instance, the abundance of these exotic nuclei should follow the waxing and waning of this field.
But getting a well-crafted goal in the waning minutes of extra time to crown a champion is a rare and heart-pounding treat.
Yet her longer-term literary influence, its waxing and waning, remains mysterious.
Oil falls on mild weather, waning investor interest.
The annual event will be visible for the next day or so, waning slightly each night.
Under docks and along weed lines with healthy cabbage weed are the best places to target muskies, particularly in waning daylight.
The tyranny of ageing is less the waning of physical strength than the burden of surviving life and loss.
Its share of search-related online advertising is also waning.
If the so called leaders of a religion were to live up to the standards that they preach then religion might not be waning.
It is late afternoon, and the already dim verdant light of the rain forest is waning.
Some had booming industries that are waning or that have disappeared altogether.
The priest is old and small, armed only with his flashlight and his waning indignation.
He accepted obscurity with the same fatalistic confidence he had shown in clinging obstinately to his waning autocracy.
Murrow felt humiliations mounting, his influence waning.
The occasion marked the waning of the era of riverboat building, if not its end.
In the campaign's waning hours, each candidate hunted for every last vote.
In some parts of the country, the virus may even be waning.
Symptoms may last a year or more, and typically have a waxing and waning course.

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