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If you are too lazy for nomadic wandering in such a brilliant maze, stick to stock quotations.
Students' minds have been wandering since the dawn of education.
The manipulation of a single gene is enough to cure the wandering eye of a meadow vole.
There are several ways to stop your mind from wandering.
Without a sun, these wandering planets would be dark and then there would be no way to even find it.
For years, brain scientists viewed a wandering mind as merely a lapse in cognition.
There have always been wandering students, bitter colleagues, and coldhearted administrators.
We spent a lot of time back in those woods exploring and wandering around out there building forts and growing up.
Those pesky ancestors seem to have been wandering all over the place.
You'll also find your share of tourists wandering through the market before or after exploring the cathedral.
She remembers wandering down the aisles memorizing the names of obscure tinned meats.
They are still much better than wandering into a place knowing nothing about it.
Follow the routes of these wandering big cats through the jaguar corridors.
Maybe this is a bait-and-switch-build up the mystery, but then tell viewers that a wandering herbivore was really responsible.
Now let's say you get a wound on your back, or an itch, or a bug wandering up there.
Bears wandering out of the park will be fair game, the advocacy group warns.
Your wandering eyes pull at your lover's heartstrings.
We went wandering through the woods, and came to a limpid and shallow stream a matter of three yards wide.
Say your rogue happens to be wandering through a dungeon and you happen upon a group of zombies.
For centuries wandering nomads and shamans used music for everything from calling herds to connecting with spirits.
No wandering tourists or posing for pictures allowed, simply a untouched place that can only be viewed from afar.
The bandura was more than a wandering minstrel's best friend, however.
Or perhaps some wandering ghosts decided to begin living in humans' heads.
The interactive game will have you wandering through the streets on a quest for answers to cryptic clues.
But in today's age of mobile computing, you won't be wandering aimlessly.
There must be a jillion people wandering around at any one time with cameras of one sort or another.
He chases off groundhogs, rabbits, and wandering cats.
Wandering musicians and mimes bring a carnival spirit.
After enough time spent wandering in the dark, they memorized the feel of the cave floor on their bare feet.
You'll certainly work up a good hunger from all this wandering.
Other names for peregrine falcon include duck hawk, great-footed hawk, and wandering falcon.
It grabs my wandering attention and reminds me to focus.
It is instead a memoir of thinly veiled or nonexistent people wandering through a desolate and unreal landscape.
It is variously lengthened to management by wandering about or management by walking around.
You're wandering around a town using text-based commands, investigating and talking to people.
The wandering albatross is the biggest of some two dozen different species.
He made sure the wire walls were strong enough to keep the cubs from wandering off and coyotes or other predators from getting in.
Resembling a buck's antlers, the stroma releases spores to be picked up by another wandering ant.
Another challenge was dealing with wandering jaguars.
Eventually, you may find yourself wandering the dark halls of the hotel, looking for another way up.
Though they have nothing to show for their years of wandering, they still feel that there are marvellous times ahead.
Show monkey wandering around, injured, lost and alone.
Wandering round a supermarket-warm, gorgeously lit-corridors of open fridges full of tiger prawns and fillet steak.
If it is not, the individuals are wandering around at random.
His marriage had come about through one of his days of wandering.
The white bark of the trees has been rubbed dark brown by herds of wandering elk.
For a lot of people, they liked wandering into a record store and seeing what was new.
He had come in search of food from a distant village, wandering around hoping to get help.
His drinking increased, as did his erratic wandering and his constant difficulties with his parents.
Most will spend a decade wandering from job to job and clique to clique, searching for a role.
Researchers say a wandering mind may be important to setting goals, making discoveries, and living a balanced life.
Again, a valuable worker, but on this one he's in a dark wood wandering.
The writer-director often invests his scripts with the sort of advice a concerned clergyman might give the wandering faithful.
The patient's wandering may be frustrating and upsetting to you.
Patient wandering systems are designed to prevent the elopement of patients who have impaired cognitive abilities.
It is recommended that a review be conducted of your facility's wandering behavior management program.

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