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Example sentences for wandered

My colleague wandered back to my office a couple of hours later.
More proof that particle physicists have wandered off into pseudo-science.
When his mind wanders, its new activity is whatever it has wandered to-and as such, you can say it's not wandering at all.
Unusual island crows wandered about, as ready to munch on fruit as rob a nest or scavenge leftovers.
Two million people wandered the country in a futile quest for work.
As soon as she could walk she wandered away, preferably into warm spring rain.
Yet since writing a law-and-economics textbook he has wandered ever farther afield.
Last year a family of bears wandered onto the runway: the airport authorities hunted them in vain.
Stahl heard the crash and wandered up to the site where he took the photo before the area was cordoned off by rescue workers.
The hotel remained open to regular guests, and tourists wandered freely through the lobby.
Throughout the afternoon, some of the adults who were showing up wandered over to examine the monstrosity.
But by accident, he wandered into a situation where they were looking for an actor roughly his shape and size.
We walked through the tiny town, wandered its thin river.
Their eyes wandered, and their gaze patterns were tracked as they went.
Using it, you can track pooch on a map and find him, wherever he may have wandered.
The kids had wandered off sometime during the mixing process, but the promise of filling bottles brought them scurrying back.
The previous day, his companion had wandered off in a cab without him.
His presentations wandered far from their announced topics, and his audiences often ended up as baffled as his readers.
After a long day out with mum, they wandered in to find me still working late on a complex program problem.
He also wandered into the middle of increasingly vicious domestic politics.
The cosmos was a living book where humans wandered as both readers and writers.
Searching for food, they had wandered into water that was too caustic for them.
Jack has wandered into the forest, and he can't remember how he got there.
Elephants from these areas wandered into human settlements.
When his house burned down, he wandered into the woods, never to return.
She says orangutans who have wandered away from their habitat are often found in poor health conditions.
It had been in his mind for years, and his thoughts had centred on it and wandered out from it, tracking its mystery.
May came too soon, and suddenly unable to bear walls, he wandered the campus at all hours through starlight and rain.
The shoes are aimed at saving lives and the costs of police searches for seniors who have wandered away.
Tourists wandered in the drizzle on the main boardwalk.
Only in that novel the planets wandered by design: they were fitted with some sort of warp drive and flitted around the galaxy.
For four years it wandered from journal to journal looking for a home, while libel lawyers fought to keep it from being published.
He stopped, looked up at me, reached out and touched my leg and then wandered off.
He seems to have wandered into the fray, perhaps on his way home from school.
As he got older, he wandered farther afield, on foot or by bike.
Groups of the curious wandered among the tents, taking photographs.
He then drew out the messages one by one, taking delight in those which wandered off topic.
One of our learned scientists, perhaps, who had wandered up from his stateroom.
Burke felt it when he wandered the streets of his home town, and he felt it now.
He wandered from one house to another, until he came to us.
We wandered down to a dock, which had a view of one of the last remnants of the old town-a cemetery.
He was shot in the leg, and he crawled and limped past corpses, and wandered for four delirious days.
Regardless of whether she succeeds, it's admirable that she's wandered so far outside her comfort zone.
For a week he wandered around in a detached, numb state, seemingly going through the motions.
Stone wandered the stage between songs, seemingly taking it all in, as if re-acclimating to performing life.
He wandered aimlessly around the field in uncontrolled, shoulder-shaking sobbing.
She took notes herself and wandered away with her pad instead of sharing what she'd written.
M arty wandered into the kitchen to make some coffee for us.
Unsuspectingly, a second lionfish wandered into the frenzy.
Maybe the candidates should have wandered over to my father's gravesite before going on stage.
The confused and starving animals may then have wandered into boat propellers.
Calves wandered about in a daze, bellowing for their mothers.
But the courts soon wandered into unlegislated gray areas.
Almost all of us have wandered past a fast food restaurant or hot dog stand and felt an overwhelming desire for an order of fries.
He wandered south in search of open land that would support cattle.
Dogs, cats and goats that have wandered off or were abandoned have established or feral populations in portions of the state.
If the chicks have wandered off, the parents call to find them.
Animals wandered through forested areas during a warm, mild climate.
They wandered through our yard and browsed and rested in the nearby woods.
Vendors and exhibitors were a delight, as the crowd of folks wandered around and visited their displays.
It may have been feeding on natural flower nectar before it wandered around and found a feeder.
Their attention had wandered to other anglers at an outdoor adventure day for people with disabilities.

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