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Scores of backpackers, boaters, and private pilots will wander off course this month and get lost.
Before proceeding to the next paragraph, let your mind wander wherever it wants to go.
Because it is selectively managed and visitors are invited to wander about, this forest is actually a garden.
People reported being happiest when engaged in what they were doing versus allowing their minds to wander.
Take plenty of water and wander about without the tour.
Your mind will probably wander while you read this article.
There, before it finds its buyer, cool people can wander through and smile at one another.
Which also means that they sometimes wander off in search of a better place to stay if the mood takes them.
There is the sense, illusory but seductive, that one could wander this world indefinitely.
And so they often wander away from the comforts of health-care insurance.
Go on a pleasant wander through the voices of all the continents.
Bipedalism gave us an advantage over our ape cousins in terms of our capacity to wander.
But that makes it a quiet, uncrowded spot to wander and get a feel for the ancients.
To note that this is overkill would be to wander too-willingly across the threshold of absurdity.
It a allows me to wander around to my heart's content and still get good audio quality.
The other is a parallel, holistic exercise that lets the eyes wander around the page and take in many things in a single sweep.
They lie quietly, waiting for the right animal to wander by.
At the times when they seem to be awake, their eyes open and sometimes wander.
Visitors to the park can wander forested trails while learning about stories the poles tell.
Wander among impressive calcite formations erupting from the ground and hanging from the ceiling.
In the beginning your mind will trick you, you'll wander off on a train of thought and not even realize it for some time.
Scientists suspect the larger, more mysterious, rays are highly migratory animals that wander the world's seas.
But pandas are solitary creatures and prefer to wander.
They did not charge admission to their park, allowing visitors to wander freely among the rides and stands.
She regularly trims back any plants that wander too far into the path.
Not only must you build the dungeons, you then have to wander through them, slaying monsters and collecting treasures.
Mimes and other performers also wander the grounds offering free performances.
It will wander in and out of an actor's jacket, for example.
So as you wander the zoo's landscaped paths, give the other animals their due.
The younger ones are particularly inclined to wander off into issues that have no bearing whatsoever on their jobs.
And instead of being imprisoned in cages to stop them colliding with people and machines, they will be free to wander.
At night he'd wander around with a few friends and talk about physics.
The site also keeps track of gifts you have browsed, making it easy to find them if you wander around a bit.
Wander over, read the article, and take a look at the list.
While one would wander off the road into the trees, another would sternly forge ahead and the other would be lagging behind.
You're working at home and your mind starts to wander to snack possibilities.
Even if this isn't one of those conferences where people wander from session to session.
It was an amazing experience to wander through virtual terra incognita, this enormous untouched primeval forest.
The interview was all day and allowed an hour of time for anyone who wanted to meet me to wander in and chat.
Some wander right up to the fence that separates them from the onlookers.
The eyes wander toward the ceiling or floor, but not at me.
Visitors may wander through the streets and studios of the village, where craftsmen make and sell their ceramics.
The phone can also be programmed to automatically ping the grown-ups should its owner wander out of a pre-defined safe zone.
They didn't know where to go, were afraid to wander off, so they were miserable.
My grad students, especially, tended to wander in and out quite frequently.
He will wander from the beaches to the cities, looking for the unexpected, the untold and the weird but true.
The ability to wander around a warehouse or hospital with a tablet linked into the network would be valuable.
They wander around having adventures and supposedly learn something from their experience.
Deer wander in from the forest fringe and fog settles in the valley below.
It wasn't the best time to wander into the streets and make a call.
Those are the books that have inspired me to wander the globe.
The show's format won't wander far afield of the group's world-record podcast.
Our debate should dare to wander away from narrow economics.
Reading plain words simply involves fewer parts of your brain, and makes it less likely to wander down a rabbit hole.
Bears wander everywhere, even the streets of cities, which is why the bear is the national symbol.
So it's no wonder that, good as it was, the same production second time round somehow leads the mind to wander.
Wander through the old-fashioned arcades, with amazing staircases and atriums.
If you're at the library, wander back to the department and see if anyone wants to go to the faculty club for lunch.
As the population expands, the animals tend to wander farther afield.
Tourists who came to the island for the weekend would sometimes wander into the research station for a conversation.
They wander outside and try unsuccessfully to find a place to kiss in the parking lot.
Beats tend to drag, and synthesizers wander around the vocals, which are sometimes mixed beneath a sprawl of noise.
Anyone who does wander into town from the airport should do so carefully.
Occasionally a whale will wander all the way into a harbor and attract media attention.
Wander a few inches to the right and the peripherals play dead.
Eight or ten hours later they wander down to see us.
She will kiss him, and they will wander shyly among the tenderloins.
The ones in better shape would wander off slight distances and then keel over farther away.
It'll become one of several other spacecraft we've sent out of the solar system itself, set to wander interstellar space forever.
Allow the eye to wander into the scene through some entry point.
Swift would often wander down the hall and discuss strategy with his boss.
Visitors can wander through dewy tea plantations and bamboo forests, or swim in a reservoir to the buzz of cicadas.
People say they are afraid to wander around, as they might be suspected of attending rallies and get arrested.
Ants, millipedes, beetles and other crawling creatures are much more likely to wander into jaws opened wide on the forest floor.
But modern cows, he complained, were being heavily dosed with tranquilizers so that they wouldn't wander off their feedlots.
To wander through its hushed offices at night is to find oneself in a monastery of the information age.
The apartments wander through the complexity of the building's form, so their floor plans look insane.
Wander into your local natural food store, and you might find a packaged fruit snack with one ingredient: fruit.
In addition, these patients have a propensity to wander off.
Alzheimer's care is available for individuals in early stages who do not wander.
May he be shod with lightning, and compelled to wander over gunpowder.
Two toddlers often wander unsupervised in an apartment complex.
They may even wander away from home or their neighborhood.
Stick to well-lit streets and don't wander unfamiliar lanes at night.
As you wander, you feel the reality of raising a family and a sense of neighborhood in this urban setting.
Teenagers with gold-plated teeth wander the streets.
Mayan ruins still exist within the park, and visitors can wander around at their leisure.
Wander through the artsy boutiques, cafes and bookstores, or sit on a bench to people watch.
It is a pedestrian zone so there are no cars to dodge as you wander the streets and alleys.
The energy is freed from a simple dance band function and allowed to wander into modulating keys and new meters.
One does not wander by accident onto the podium of one of the world's incontestably great orchestras.

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