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Example sentences for wan

Through the frayed curtain at my window, a wan glow announces the break of day.
She now seemed very happy to see a friendly (albeit wan) face.
His hair seemed grayer, his face wan.
He walked stiffly, looking wan and serious.
They glide with wan and wavy motion.
Supermarkets are full of the same wan, waxy fruit they sell all year long.
She does not bother to put make-up on her wan face, with its dark-circled eyes and down-turned mouth.
To the researchers there, the spectacular laser is visible only as a wan beam on a computer monitor.
He responded with a shrug and a wan smile, and then returned to focusing on the work at hand.
The owner brought me more tea and another wan smile.
If you wan to deny equal rights to people who aren't hurting you or anyone else, then that's what you are.
Yet as long as they are stuck with each other for a time they make a wan effort to flirt.
Formidably toned by yoga, her body is in superb shape, but despite her tanned skin and megawatt smile she looks fragile and wan.
The rumors, fed by his wan and wasted appearance, had circulated for days.

Famous quotes containing the word wan

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