wall socket in a sentence

Example sentences for wall socket

There is also a calming mist that plugs into the wall socket that may soothe him.
Buy one of these gizmos, the theory goes, and you need never connect it to a wall socket.
These batteries could be partly charged by an onboard gas engine, but also by electricity from a wall socket.
They are powered by either two-stroke gas engines or electric motors that can be recharged by plugging into a wall socket.
Plug the camera into one of the two included power-line network adapters, then plug the adapter into a wall socket.
Today, devices called electrolyzers using clean water can be plugged into a wall socket.
Two kilowatts is all the power that can be taken from a typical wall socket.
If the units are plugged into the wall, remove the light from the wall socket.
Consumers are advised to disconnect their humidifiers by unplugging the electric supply line cord from the wall socket.
Unplug the printer immediately by pulling the plug from the wall socket.
Plug heaters directly into the wall socket, and not into extension cords.
The terminal must be plugged into a wall socket that accepts all three prongs of the plug.
She was able to put the fire out but the entire wire was burnt, as was the wall socket.
When you are plugging in something, make sure the plug fi ts easily into the wall socket.
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