wall rock in a sentence

Example sentences for wall rock

Gold is present as free grains in quartz, as blebs attached to wall rock ribbons, and in veinlets cutting sulfide grains.
The magma was dry and viscous as it invaded the metamorphic rocks and caused wholesale plastic folding of the wall rock structure.
Fluid-wall rock interaction increased fluid pH, causing precipitation of uranium minerals.
New geochemical evidence from the wall rock-vein contact will also be explored.
Hanging wall rock is reddish and oxidized, footwall rock is greenish gray and chloritic.
Characterization of pit wall rock has indicated that degradation of water contacting this wall rock would not occur.
When movement occurs along a fault the wall rock is smoothed, polished and grooved in a direction parallel to the displacement.
Weak sericite-silica alteration of wall rock is sometimes present around barite-fluorite veins.
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