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It is a sacrilege to walk four steps from the headstone to the foot and four steps from the foot to the headstone.
Get up with everyone and walk to the end of the pew, letting everyone out of the row.
Thousands of business-school professors walk into a conference.
Researchers had people walk in the desert and through a forest.
New micro-mapping software lets travelers plot points of interest while they walk.
For more views, walk the wall that surrounds the old town.
If golf is a good walk spoiled, then walking is a great game made dull.
But the only way to know for certain that a particular path is a dead end is to walk down it a bit and see what happens.
Walk a few steps farther north to see this notorious landmark for yourself.
But for a bot, a stroll along the beach-or in the desert-is no walk in the park.
If workers feel there is a safe outdoor walk or biking path near their work, they're apt to be more active.
Until recently, robots that walk on legs have been more of a novelty than a practical area of research.
But the scolding left some students scratching their heads, since the walk didn't include any real elephants.
Walk past trattorias and a solitary abbey to a rocky promontory with the sea always in full view and a clear sky overhead.
Consider how mystifying a walk through an art museum can be.
Rats with injured spinal cords walk again with the help of stem-cell science.
In fact, it's been said that when you walk across this campus, you experience the world.
Walk the length of the high line through this time-lapse video sequence.
Inspiration often seems to pop up unpredictably-in the shower, on a long walk or even at the grocery store.
Here's a shot by shot walk through of the registration process.
Turn right and walk through hundreds of fresh produce, fruit, and fish stands.
We can walk and chew gum at the same time without bumping into utility poles.
In another case of nature-inspired engineering, scientists create robots that take a walk on the wet side.
The employee is frequently required to stand, walk and sit.
Students have to read the cases in advance and be prepared to discuss them when they walk in the door.
The walk to and from school can't be uphill both ways, but going it alone might make it seem that way.
To test this idea he trained his ants to walk from their nests to a feeding station through a ten-metre-long channel.
It's not that such a moment, one that transforms an afternoon walk into a lifelong memory, couldn't happen in another town.
Then the police said it was too dangerous to walk around the neighborhood alone toting expensive camera gear.
Walk over the footbridge to explore the rose garden.
Fearing you will be stuck for ever, you take a walk.
But you walk on, till you see a group of friendly faces.
Walk along the footpath and experience the mystery and power of this effigy.
Gather beautiful individual leaves during a walk in the country or neighborhood.
No fast-food concessions, and you have to walk it yourself.
As soon as she could walk she wandered away, preferably into warm spring rain.
After a seven-hour walk in the forest, this horse is taking a break.
We walk on two legs, carry around enormous brains and have colonized every corner of the globe.
To follow the guidance of national mental-health experts is to walk a fine line.
Walk through a ghost town and underground mine, recreated with precise detail.
We will walk without the spectre of hypocrisy to haunt our footfalls.
But five minutes' walk away is another new act of remembrance.
The place is kind of hidden but once you step inside there are tons of pathways and walkways that are fun to walk around in.
He might as well have chosen to walk into a hurricane.
Walk down to the beach after breakfast, and the mural comes to life.
It never occurred to the detectives that one of the robbers would walk right back into the district.
When you walk into an interview, your goal is to convey an image of yourself as a colleague.
Walk into your local bookstore this afternoon and chances are the manga section is bigger than the science fiction collection.
Take a walk through your community, concentrating on all of the sounds that you hear.
The only was to get there was to walk or ride one's bicycle.
Walk around until you find an interesting montage of light and shapes.
As an experiment, after a brisk walk on a cool morning remove your clothing and jump into bed.
Let me tell you how painful it is to have them stuck in your legs so you can hardly walk.
People are more likely to walk and not drive if feel safe.
She remembered the summer evening when they had walked together and wanted to walk with him again.
These boys with old, scared faces, learning to walk.
As well as giving users the ability to walk, the device also helps them regain their dignity.
With these, and a pair of crutches for back-up, a user can walk around.
Many firms share this harsh view of the highly paid advisers who walk in and tell them to re-invent their businesses.
If you take a little longer learning to walk, your parents work with you.
It was a walk she had made many times before, but this time she was nervous.
Other students' projects are focused on ensuring that their peers walk out the door with the degree or certificate they earned.
We tend to think that inventing the wheel was item number two on our to-do list after learning to walk upright.
The sound you hear as you walk up the beach toward the dig is the clinking of hammers on chisels.
The trick is to walk as slowly as one mile an hour, giving the body time to acclimate to the thin mountain air.
The only way up is to walk-over loose rock, past prickly brush and rattlesnakes-with frequent pauses to catch one's breath.
Come for this walk-through and gallery talk to get an insider's perspective on the work.
We leave our rooms to walk to the library and are stunned to walk into the darkness that catches us by surprise.
Now, that doesn't mean you have to let people walk all over you.
They walk around, they look, they become part of it.
Paying attention to the sidewalk can create sustainable cities, neighborhoods that encourage all of us to walk.
They could also teach people to learn how to walk on their own again.
Instead of hanging around the office whining, you walk out the door and find something better and cooler to do.
On the return walk down the other side of the garden, a lovely stone staircase swings you down into a lower patio.
The guided walk can be as leisurely, or as challenging, as you choose.
Other times, they had to walk the same distance, but through a door into a new room.
Because a new study suggests that it takes nearly twice as much energy to walk on your toes than it does to land on your heel.
Researchers develop a robot that helps stroke survivors re-learn how to walk.
Put another way, legged robots must be taught how to walk, and different surfaces require different adjustments.
That's why this walk will follow the shoreline and focus more on nature.
Be prepared to walk off some of that cream and butter.
And probably walk out with a little snack for later.
The pristine dairy is a two-minute walk from the manure and mud of the barn.
Nobody can question that he walks the walk as surely as he talks the talk.
Those who don't live there are forced either to walk a great distance twice a day or to pay extra for a ride to work.
But you get a different feeling when you walk into the forest that abuts one side of the house.
The field is still open, and probably will be as long as hipsters walk the globe.
During his one remaining hour, he can walk in circles in another room, with no other prisoners present.
When he was liberated a year later, he could barely walk.
We watch news reports of wounded veterans learning to walk with prosthetic limbs.
Unlike sculpture, there is no artifact you can walk around and touch.
To walk past those names and realize those lost lives-the effect of that is the strength of the design.
When you walk around a large environment, you kind of think of things a bit in a narrative form.
The way humans walk and run has puzzled robotics engineers for many years.
He can walk more easily, too, and there are no more hallucinations.
Painful arthritis of the knee can make it difficult to take even a short walk.
The adhesive is inspired by geckos' feet, which allow the reptiles to walk along the ceiling and up and down smooth walls.
Then when you enter the store, you can walk through it.
Perhaps people should get off their fat arses and walk, run or take the stairs.
It's simple enough: two players walk three steps away from each other, turn and shoot.
The dreams of millions ride on trials for a treatment that could allow the paralyzed to walk.
Possible tasks include housework, remote diagnosis via a network, or rehabilitation-such as helping stroke sufferers to walk.
Actuate all sorts of buzzing and beeping things as you walk by.
As you walk in, one approaches with an eyebrow raised and nose aloft to give you the benefit of full-frontal froggy nostril.
The name of the game is to beat the system and let the guilty walk free.
These small courtesies will give you an upbeat feeling which will help you as you continue your walk down the street.
So the voice, the walk, the reserved bluestocking style-it all came together in a kind of crystalline equation.
In fact, orders picked up at the new place, and walk-in traffic remained as brisk as ever.
He would then gaze longingly out the window and walk away.
It's better for the environment to walk, cycle, or even take the bus than to hop in your car.
She's in a small town, and there are too many people who could find out about it, or even walk by when she's in the middle of it.
Beyond the glamorous inauguration images-the oath, the walk, the dance-the new administration was rolling up its sleeves.
He regularly managed to walk past the door to my apartment building.
They had to walk across the paper to get to their cars.
And they were yelling at the detainee to walk fast, to hurry up.
B ut there are ways of thoughtfully shaping policy that can walk a fine line and help us get out of our current predicament.
He's been a musician since he could pretty much walk.
Birds only need two limbs for flying, leaving their remaining two relatively free to land and walk around on the ground.
Combine the two and you get a robot walker and a track for it to walk upon.
Melding humans and machines to help the paralyzed walk, the mute speak, and the near-dead return to life.
And scientists say they believe there is evidence it was able to walk on its hind legs.
The hunters would then walk home with the meat, enough to share-in small portions-with the tribe.
Then he might make sure he gets some rest before he takes another space walk.
These were hardly people whose mate choice was limited by the distance they could walk on their day off.
Being sorry for that could make others walk all over you.
They then set the mice free to walk around a small enclosure or run on a wheel, recording their brain activity all the while.
The tremor all but disappeared, and the graceful elegance of her walk had nearly returned.
When on a wildflower walk, plan to take your time because flower enthusiasts typically take it slow to examine plants.
Walk amidst the clouds and see how weather shapes the landscape, plants, and animals of these high-country meadows.

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