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Stick around and you'll see the more solitary cranes wake up.
One remains thirsty, and must wake up in order to drink.
We wake up for an instant, and immediately resume our sleep.
Then suspense builds when the dinosaurs mistakenly wake up, due to the wrong medication that counteracts the deep sleep.
The lonely little moonbeam would sleep all day, and then wake up and shine all night long, to guide people on their way.
What a beautiful idea that you can wake up everybody's palates and minds by an extraordinary meal, and it comes as a surprise.
The narrator was always the first to wake up in the morning.
It means the reason for which you wake up in the morning, or sense of purpose.
When the brain realizes it is not getting oxygen, it sends an emergency signal to the body to wake up.
When warmer spring temperatures arrive, hibernating animals wake up and go out in search of food to fill their empty stomachs.
If you want to wake up to the sound of flamingos, go to this site and listen to the birds.
They often have no memory of the event when they wake up the next day.
By the time you wake up, your dream has turned into complete nonsense.
We see it as they go off to sleep and as they wake up.
Cities are starting to wake up to the threat from increased flooding due to climate change.
It's time people wake up to what we're doing to the planet.
Evolutionists must wake up and refuse to blindly accept what their high priests tell them.
Wake up people you are being conned to spend money in a government mandated equipment and material replacement program.
We need to wake up and make an effort to stop using these toxic chemicals.
Bats wake up to hunt because their clock tells them it's dusk-summer or winter, no matter.
Wake up to a complimentary breakfast or grab a breakfast bag on the go.
Let him go comfortably to bed expecting to wake up in the morning as usual, and not wake up.
Although he was technically alive, he would never again wake up.
But if investors ever wake up and notice that the yellow metal is little more useful than tulips, the gold bugs will be burned.
People have begun to wake up a bit that hedge funds are largely a scam.
It may be that those who have a tendency to wake up groggy are choosing not to siesta in the first place.
They complain about recruits who won't listen or who fail to wake up for work.
When are all you physics geniuses going to wake up to the fact that time is a concept and not a dimension.
Knock back a few too many and you're likely to wake up with a hammering headache.
The ability to remain in standby for long periods and wake up instantly is one example.
Wake up and realize the only energy revolution that will occur is the one created by us.
Chances are she will wake up in the morning wishing she had worn her silk lingerie after all.
By the time they wake up and smell the coffee it, and they, will be burnt to a crisp.
Soon, physicists will wake up from their long slumber and they will finally understand the true causal nature of motion.
On every morning that you wake up for the rest of your life you will be ashamed of what you did last night.
As perhaps you forget to tell yourself when you wake up in the morning, you are the phoenix.
And details sweep in and sweep away the possibilities for each little scene to become sufficiently alive to wake up the others.
To wake up the phone, you have to press the physical power button on the right side.
When the time comes to wake up, the phone jumps up and the alarm sounds.
Apparently it's not unusual for patients under anesthesia to wake up, then go back under and never remember that they woke up.
At that point some people simply wake up, although they may be delirious and impaired.
It's what you lose when you fall into a deep, dreamless slumber and what you regain when you wake up.
So when you wake up and read this, make sure you set your clocks accordingly.
We need to wake up, smell the aroma of honesty and make changes.
Let's wake up to what's happening right now and become a nation of long term gains rather than long term losses.
Let's say you wake up in the middle of the night and smell smoke.
Wake up extroverts, the world does not revolve around you.
All three were set half an hour before he had to wake up.
Usually people take hypertensive drugs in the morning, when they wake up.
Some mornings you wake up trapped in a wrecked train car that's hanging off a cliff.
When programming your thermostat, consider when you normally go to sleep and wake up.
Your unwitting complicity in the degradation of the planet begins the moment you wake up.
So you can wake up in the morning and actually do things and read and think, whereas here that never feels possible.

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