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But if you are leaving a tip, ensure that it goes to the waiter by leaving the cash with your server.
While he was working as a waiter on a train, a picture magazine sparked his interest in photography.
On some cruise lines, tipping is the only way your cabin steward or waiter makes any significant money.
The other people at my table were baffled, too, although the waiter didn't seem alarmed.
As he snatched a card from a customer, a waiter flirtatiously called out that phrase.
The waiter places a perfectly grilled, prime-grade beefsteak before you and then reveals that it came from a cloned steer.
They posit a restaurant scenario in which the robot is a waiter.
The waiter agreed but what the captain did not know was the waiter took a disliking to the captain.
He worked as a waiter and went looking for his future in the public library.
If someone is sitting in a café he will usually look up when the waiter approaches.
In the cafés that stayed open, and there were plenty, it was easy to find a peaceful table with a relaxed waiter.
Restaurant menus are no longer a set list of choices but the starting point for negotiations between diner and waiter.
There is the waiter who takes the order and conveys it to the kitchen.
The waiter handed me an electronic pad that was illustrated with pictures of delicious-looking bits of sushi.
Some cinemas have replaced rows of seats with widely spaced reclining chairs, with tray tables and waiter service.
Hand a charge card to the waiter after barely glancing at the check.
Call ahead about private booth reservations and to book bottle and waiter service.
Bring the plate by the restaurant and give it to a waiter before you pick up your partner.
It offers a two hour dinner cruise for two or four people, with a private waiter who caters to your party.
Some bars and cafes have tables, but these are only for waiter service.
The casual restaurant includes limited outdoor seating, as well as waiter and delivery service.
The restaurant offers buffet, boxed lunch and waiter-serviced gatherings.
The restaurant offers waiter service and an interior with ceiling fans and floral carpets.
Depending on the size of the resort, restaurants might offer waiter service for dinner.
With respect to rice, before cooking it a waiter and a kitchen staff member would inspect it grain by grain.
Someone who goes from struggling musician to global rock-star, or waiter to movie star.
Great for doing lots and avoiding to tip the waiter.
He worked as a waiter trainee, then a pageboy a at a club.
The waiter didn't seem to mind: it was a slow summer-holiday night, and he and his colleagues had been sneaking tequila shots.
Feeling flush, they toss their waiter a five-cent tip.
The door opens and a waiter brings in a tray of beer.
We dipped pieces of flatbread into shared stone pots, pausing only to pour in extra broth brought by a waiter.
If you get past the door, and many don't, the first thing your waiter does is take your coat.
Jerry asked for his fish grilled dry, and it came with a sauce, and he did his usual thing with the waiter.
There's a waiter whose sole, humiliating purpose is apparently to show you to the bathroom and open the secret, unmarked door.
Then here comes a waiter carrying a tray with bottles of liquor on it.
He can imitate a waiter bringing all his favorite foods, and he has a sly sense of verbal humor.
Usually when you find something solid and chewy in your drink, it's time to call for the waiter.
When a waiter stuck his hands into the lower right portion of the frame, the composition was complete.
Don't bother with a menu, sit back and let your waiter make the choices.
Our blond waiter, courteous and dignified, was obviously gratified by our choice.
It was a busy day, and the waiter thought how fussy some people are.
The night before, he had asked our waiter to scoop our rice from a particular place in the pot.
Another group of guests sit at another table and waiter stands with tray in background.
Use a waiter's cloth or hot pads or oven mitts to protect your arms or hands when carrying hot plates or trays.
Portions, arranges, and garnishes food and serves food to waiter or patron.
Each waiter is a trained cicerone, which is basically a sommelier for beer.
Eventually, she wiped them down and a few minutes after that, the waiter seated us.

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