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Pants widened my hips, shrank my legs and made my waist disappear.
For example, a towel used to dry the lower half of the body must not touch anything above the waist.
Highly adjustable harness system with interchangeable waist straps and adjustable torso length.
Miller links the wage fluctuations to changes in body odor, waist-to-hip ratio, and facial features.
The size of your waist can tell you far more about the state of your health than the number on a bathroom scale.
They chose to shock those fully clothed significantly more often than those exposed above the waist.
Before it capsized, he attached the bag of gold to his waist and jumped overboard.
Ended up sliding too early, having to climb back up said pole then slide down again fast, which lifted skirt round waist.
Still others stand, waist deep, and carry on about last night's party or yesterday's catch.
The best seem to glide through the air from the waist up, but their feet are a blur.
It would be better if the waist strap was removable, but it can be kind of tucked in at the back.
As the heat begins to strengthen the waist begins to lengthen.
It can be done from the waist down with a spinal block.
Although you see him only from the waist up, he gives the impression that he is kneeling.
With a button-down top and drawstring elastic waist.
Waiting for something to happen and arguing it's necessity is a colossal waist of money, and more importantly time.
It used to be clear enough that you could see your feet standing waist deep in the water.
Say goodbye to shirts worn through at the waist from spit-rub after spit-rub.
He is wide at the waist and fluffy at the top, with a slightly disheveled heap of hair.
Swing your arms forward, touching fingertips at waist level.
Reach into the trousers from the waist and turn both legs inside out.
For one thing, the newest sweaters are bigger and bulkier, whether they stop at the waist or extend to mid-thigh.
To climb down safely, each climber wears a harness around his or her legs and waist.
They fill out their phenotype traits, listing everything from waist size to diet habits.
Three straps on each side of the waist belt cinch to cup different hip shapes.
The polypropylene water-bottle has a slim waist covered in a silicone grip.
Walks around cleaning the house, with the camera angled to capture him from the waist up.
Communications gadgets small enough to fit into gear pouches worn around the waist.
There is also a thin but effective enough waist strap.
Moments after landing on the bedrock, still on rappel, he was swept by a wave that soaked him to the waist.
It is a waist of time and money trying to bring peace to places where such deep-rooted animosities exist.
With his parents and two sisters, he produced the fabric that lines the waist of cheap trousers.
Besides it seemed they tried not to waist anything, ie they did not use milk and donated the bananas.
Two sets of overhead control cables can be seen in the waist photos.
One useful thing that you've discovered in your bumbling about is a metal doorknob set at waist level into what might be a door.
Standing waist-deep in muddy water, they chew coca leaves to stave off exhaustion and hunger.
Our waiter fit the stereotype-handlebar moustache, long white apron wrapped around a portly waist-and apparently so did we.
We'd go clamming in the bay with an inner tube floating out behind us, tied to my waist by a rope.
There is no natural obstruction to the view more substantial than the waist-high scrub.
Her slate-blue skirts were kilted boldly about her waist and dovetailed behind her.
Connor bends slightly at the waist, and his knees seem to make small circles.
She remembers thinking she was going to die as the flood in her living room became waist-deep within a matter of minutes.
Bent at the waist, the hunter bailed the snow back through his legs.
He climbed in, and his cold hands stroked her waist, and she felt the little tremors in his muscles.
She is completely bent at the waist and is confined to bed or wheelchair, and cannot move her feet or legs.
We know what happens below the waist, the pregnancies prevented.
Uranium mining leaves waist that will be dangerous for thousands of years.
Always the same waist-belt hole, since the mid-seventy.
While you were watching something happen down around her waist, something else was happening on her shoulder.
The evolutionary psychologists tell us facial symmetry and hip-to-waist ratios are what really matter.
He looped a rescue rope once around his waist, and then pushed off from the shore and paddled out to the sea ice.
At the moment he is visible only from the waist down, his other half having squeezed into a narrow fracture in the limestone wall.
But nearby, inside a shelter of waist-high walls and a corrugated tin roof, the mood is almost festive.
It was successfully removed but left some residual neurological damage below my waist, including my legs.
The last one is waist-high, smaller than the others, and resembles a stunted drive-through squawk box.
Paralyzed from the waist down, she was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
They had leg shackles on, and they had a belt around the waist with a chain coming out that was handcuffed to them.
They were carrying broadswords at their waist, signifying that they were trusted to bear arms in the presence of the monarch.
They had a metal toothed bar around the waist that closed around you, rat-a-tat-tat.
Bent at the waist, he chases his fumble awkwardly across the office.
If you need to hike for a while, you can buckle the waist belt strap to help stabilize the bag on rugged trails.
It is a wee bit roomy in the waist but great for layer options.
Despite a little waist room, they are flattering and comfortable.
The bias cut with elastic waist is comfortable enough to sightsee in all day, but dressy enough for dinner in town.
He wore cinched-waist, acid-washed jeans, had a mullet and kept cats.
There's a direct correlation between waist size and testosterone levels.
Five others were injured, one of them paralyzed from the waist down.
It is sleeveless with a ruched waist and pencil skirt.
They're uncomfortable and restrictive, the waist too snug, the legs too itchy.

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