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Example sentences for wager

Bookie makes his money either way and it is the betters who take the bath in the end if they continue to wager.
Users are not required to wager any money when they sign up, but the serious ones do.
Many in the industry wager the firm will not be able to raise another fund.
As the seconds tick by, a counter at the top of the screen shows a steadily increasing wager.
For much of the past decade, barring the odd tiff, the wager worked.
It's the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee, a sort of wager on my part.
Those are bingo-night stakes, but more in the spirit of such bets than the mayors' wager, which involves trading service projects.
Most important of all, however, is the wager with the reader introduced in the first line.
There's a quality of the writing that makes an all-or-nothing wager.
With regard to your claim that higher wager earners use more public resources.
The more you wager, the higher your comp rate will be.
Both events draw gamblers who wager and enjoy the games at the sports casinos around the city.
Presumably you are confident enough in these predictions to make a wager.
But you can do more than wager on the outcome of that race.
Include all charges connected with placing the wager, including any fee or charge incident to placing the wager.
The wager must be subtracted at the time of the first payment.
Players can wager anywhere from the table minimum to the maximum allowed bet on either spot.

Famous quotes containing the word wager

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And I'll wager in their joy they kissed each other's cheek (Which is what them furriners do), And they bles... more
When Methodist preachers come down A-preaching that drinking is sinful, I'll wager the rascals a crown They... more
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