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Example sentences for wag

When dogs feel fundamentally positive about something or someone, their tails wag more to the right side of their rumps.
It is irresponsible to let the crazy tail wag the dog.
Shifting the tax burden from the rich to future generations, as one wag put it, serves no one's interests.
He does not lick or wag his tail, except when following us out or in the yard.
Let's call this what it is: wag the dog opportunism.
Please click on the following link before you let your tongues wag and your prejudices show.
One wag said he sold his birthright for a pot of message.
It has a metallic coat, flashing green eyes, wobbly knees and a propensity to wag its tail when you pat its head.
The problem is that the tail is starting to wag the dog.
Some wag once wrote that politicians sometimes make the right decisions but only after exhausting all the alternatives.
They wag their tails and pull confidently towards the shiny new object of desire.
He looked at me and gave me a don't-mention-it wag of his head.
Twenty generations later, and foxes that would once have snarled at human handlers would wag their tails instead.
The beagle would sit next to a suspicious-smelling bag, wag his tail, look excited and then look to his handler for praise.
Tails wag, tongues drool for gourmet dog food at hotels.
Eyebrows should dance and tongues should wag at such reports, of course.

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