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Example sentences for wafting

The spicy fragrance wafting through the air can get anyone in a festive spirit.
The scientists noticed a yeasty smell wafting from a local palm.
It doesn't take long before warm air is wafting from the covers.
The excitement the indescribable odor wafting from his camp bag.
When they felt a suggestive breeze wafting from a pile of loose rubble, they knew there was a chamber beyond.
The teacher flashes a small laser beam though smoke wafting up from a stick of incense.
The hustle and bustle is accompanied by tantalizing smells wafting from the tiny kitchen.
Vultures, wafting in the carrion breeze, cast the only shadows.
Tear gas wafting down corniche toward tv bldg panicked drivers going wrong way.
Wafting upward, they're whipped suddenly into horizontal lines by some unseen hand.
Sweet scents are wafting their way up your nasal cavities, where olfactory cells send your brain the belated good news.
It doesn't take long before warm air is wafting from the covers.
The bugle calls can still be heard wafting on the air.
Kael, though, is often presumed to have other motivations wafting around her little head.
Some afternoons my father would come back from an appointment and notice a strange aroma wafting from the bathroom.
Another would attempt to whiten clouds over the oceans by wafting tiny salt particles up into them.
It might be poisonous emissions wafting from a nearby manufacturing plant.
Abandoned mansions lie scattered among the occupied homes and gardens, with piano music wafting from open windows.
Students should properly note odors or fumes with a wafting motion of the hand.
They may not think about the dust they kick up wafting into neighbor's yards or homes or lungs.
Needless to say, the smells wafting around in the room could not be confused with aromatherapy.
Imagine the scents wafting through the house, blending with the mouth-watering aromas of pumpkin and mincemeat pies.
Give each group a few minutes to explore the liquids by wafting and to come up with hypotheses as to what the liquids are.
He immediately noticed a strong odor of marijuana wafting from within.

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